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Autism, and jet lag

Good morning! Not that I can consider it as such. The time is merely 3:46 am, and I am up, listening to Mini Man babble as he plays. This is the third morning of early rising, and I can’t even joke that Mini Man is solar powered. It’s that early even the sun doesn’t want... Read more »

Flying with children is my super power.

Thanks to the previously long distance nature of my relationship with TH – I have become almost pro at flying with children. In fact; tomorrow’s flight will be the children’s fourth in just a little over two weeks! And eighth in two years. It has taken some planning and I guess I’m lucky – but... Read more »

Floods, Father-in-Law's and Visas

It’s official, fellow Chicagoians. The Expat Mamma is a true Expat. It’s  been quiet here at EM Headquarters… Who am I kidding? It’s been fecking hectic, what with the floods, and having the in laws visit all at the same time. Two things that threw us out of any semblance of normality. Not that normality... Read more »

For Jonathan - my best friend

Four years ago, neither of us had an idea we would be on an adventure married and living in Chicago! Four years ago is the day you got the opportunity to live and work in America, and it’s also the day we got together – despite your imminent departure. Today marks our fourth anniversary in... Read more »

Why am I here?

I’m finally sat down long (and stable minded) enough to write about that dark dark night that so many Chicagoians experienced on Monday. I now find it ironic that Monday’s post began as it did: “On a dark dark night In a dark dark land Where the thunder rolled Destroying all we planned” That it... Read more »

I'm gonna get myself connected (eventually)

I have come through the fire. The burning heat of the desire to use the internet; check Facebook, Twitter, and to write a post was almost unbearable. What made the lack of internet for the past two days even more unbearable was the repeated question: ” Mummy, why doesn’t Netflix work yet?” Because the cable... Read more »

There are 59 pieces in...

There are 59 pieces in...
Mini Man’s bed. That doesn’t include all the As, Bs, Cs… and all the way up to M. The letter pieces are for the dowels, screws and screw-type things (I don’t know what they’re called – I’m female!) that hold the damn thing together. Or that WILL do, should we ever be done building it.... Read more »

Delivery drivers' play knock door run

It’s so exciting! We get the keys to our house tomorrow and can start moving in. The movers are coming on Monday and that will be our first night in our new home. We have bought Mini Man a new bed too which we are sure he will love. That’s if it isn’t ruined. When... Read more »