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Missing friends and family

Missing friends and family
Not so long ago all I ever wanted was so far away. It was within my reach, but far – in distance, and in time. For three years I coped, and struggled with being in a long distance relationship, after my now husband moved across the planet for his job. With the help of Skype,... Read more »

For Jonathan - my best friend

Four years ago, neither of us had an idea we would be on an adventure married and living in Chicago! Four years ago is the day you got the opportunity to live and work in America, and it’s also the day we got together – despite your imminent departure. Today marks our fourth anniversary in... Read more »

The Expat Mamma Meets Chicago

I first found out I would be moving to Chicago, a little over a year ago when my then boyfriend suggested it in a bid to avoid having to return to a recession hit England. That was the first clue that I would soon be Mrs Doyle, because – even though he suggested it via... Read more »