How Siri helps me clean the house

Goodness. How time flies. I’ve been a stay at home mum for almost two years! In that time, it’s been a bit like Groundhog Day sometimes. Finish cleaning the kitchen, and it feels like I have stepped away for a moment, and it’s messy again. As for laundry, who would have thought four people could... Read more »

Two out three ain't bad - New Years Resolutions

I had one job. Well, as a mum, I Actually have a few, but surely if I have managed to keep the miniatures alive this long, I should be able to do something as measly as keep my New Years resolutions for more than one day, right? RIGHT? Nope. Resolution number one was to keep... Read more »

Mushrooms, allergies, snot bag bratty kids and flying.

Flying. I hate it. Not the actual flying part, but the process. The people I suddenly find myself in close proximity can be the absolute pits. The food is dire, and I fucking hate reclining chairs. So. Guess where I am right now. Well, by the time I hit publish I will be on the... Read more »

Missing: friends, family and Christmas spirit

Once upon a time, in years gone by, this evening would be one of excitement and anticipation. Since I could remember, November 30th was decoration day. My mum would haul out her decorations and after much work, pinned fingers and a fair amount of swearing, the house would be magically (having instantly forgotten all the... Read more »

21 Actual Things You Only Know If You Are a Crazy Cross Stitcher

Announcing… I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus. I’m an addict. It’s cross stitch central around here, so it only apt that today I bring you a post all about that very thing. So today, I read this article: 21 things you only know if you cross stitch. It’s dated August 3, 2015, but reading it... Read more »

Who in their right mind aspires for their child to grow up to live on welfare?

You’re a parent. If you’re not a parent – play along for a moment or two. What do you reward your child with for good behaviour? Love? A little treat, or a token toward a big treat? Gratitude? A cigarette? The moment your child is born – you have a whole lifetime of love and... Read more »

Seven things I know about writing

Hello, new people! You’re just on time. I must say hi to already existing followers too – thanks for keeping up with me. Wait, that’s not right. Thanks for waiting with baited breath for me to actually DO something. Well, I’ve been doing stuff, of course but that same “stuff” has made me abandon writing.... Read more »

Living In America - One Year On

A year ago – right at this moment – I was minutes away from waking up to a new day, and the beginning of a journey to a new life, in a new place where nobody knew me, apart from my husband. My whole life was packed up – into nine boxes and four suitcases,... Read more »

On being a "moderchod job robber"!

It’s very fortunate that we bloggers get to moderate our comments. Why? Because unfortunately there are some downright nasty douchenuggets lurking on the Internet. For some reason some troll flavoured comments popped up today despite being dated back in September. Back in September I wrote about not working, due to my visa regulations. NOT WORKING.... Read more »

The imperfect parent

It’s that time of the month. I’ve missed it for the last few, as other things in my life have taken precedence, but I’m back – taking part in the ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-hour. This is an event where we are set a topic to blog about for one hour. Tonight we have to write about a... Read more »