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Seven things I know about writing

Hello, new people! You’re just on time. I must say hi to already existing followers too – thanks for keeping up with me. Wait, that’s not right. Thanks for waiting with baited breath for me to actually DO something. Well, I’ve been doing stuff, of course but that same “stuff” has made me abandon writing.... Read more »

Do you plan to do what you plan to do?

If you ever – ever – catch me complaining of boredom; stop, slap me, and point me in the direction of this post. Why? Because I have become a planner – but not necessarily a doer. Therefore, there is always going to be plenty things for me to be doing. I have so many things... Read more »

The Fear of Disappearing

It’s a common thought that, as people grow older, they change in some way. Sometimes it’s a big change; sometimes it’s a small one. For me, the changes going on, not in my life – but my mind – have been big. So big, that they come with a whole new set insecurities, and have... Read more »

Five meals that will please the whole family this winter

Five seems to be a really, really low number for a list feature, don’t you think? I did consider a little alliteration for this post, and considered The Top Ten Tea Time Treats, but that triggered a number of issues: 1. My audience is predominantly America – being a writer for ChicagoNow, and all. Tea... Read more »

The art of learning: the learning of art

I’ve always been a creative kind of person. Since before I could write, I would make up stories. Once upon a time they used to be just a series of noughts and crosses – because that’s all I could write, at the age of three. Twenty-seven years later, I still make up stories, just the... Read more »

Dear Chicago Weather. I hate you.

Dear Chicago Weather. I hate you.
Dear Chicago Weather… I hate you. I’m British, and the British are pretty familiar with complaining about the weather because it seems to perpetually rain in England. The kind of fine, misty drizzle that leaves you soaked to your bone. In England, you have to take your umbrella everywhere with you, although why you bother,... Read more »