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The day to day workings of our little unit.

The Expat Baby - age minus nine weeks (ish): On Baby Showers

Baby showers. Such a bizarre concept to me. People come to a party thrown in your – or your soon-to-be bundle of joy’s – honour. They bring gifts, picked out from a registry of things that you need for the baby – usually chosen by you – and you all gather to coo over cutesy... Read more »

Time to get tough with my son's school

Ever have the feeling you are probably about to annoy somebody? That’s me today. It’s the first day back at school, and I am sure the recipients of my email are going to be wishing it was still vacation time. A little back story. Back in August, the powers that be in charge of Mini... Read more »

If I wanted to stay inside I wouldn't have hired a babysitter!

There’s a downside to having long, healthy, thick hair like mine. It takes a flipping long time to dry – with or without a hair dryer. There’s a downside to not really knowing anybody here yet – lack of sitter recommendations, and the need to hire a sitter from an “agency”; a website where you... Read more »

Why do children need to read before Kindergarten?

Today started off quite normally – cleaning up after sending the Miniatures and husband out the door to their relevant posts for the day, talking to my mum, and a little light browsing of Facebook. Scrolling through my feed, I came across this post that a friend had shared late last night. The post is... Read more »

The Fear of Disappearing

It’s a common thought that, as people grow older, they change in some way. Sometimes it’s a big change; sometimes it’s a small one. For me, the changes going on, not in my life – but my mind – have been big. So big, that they come with a whole new set insecurities, and have... Read more »

Five meals that will please the whole family this winter

Five seems to be a really, really low number for a list feature, don’t you think? I did consider a little alliteration for this post, and considered The Top Ten Tea Time Treats, but that triggered a number of issues: 1. My audience is predominantly America – being a writer for ChicagoNow, and all. Tea... Read more »

The must have toys that time will forget.

Ever get the feeling that some people just don’t listen to you, or go out of their way unnecessarily to wind you up? You do? I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve given you a little history on the lineage in my family before, but to recap… My children are my husband’s step-children. Ever since... Read more »

Eleven Things I miss about England

I’ve been living in Chicagoland, and America for six months now. It’s been a rocky road up to now, with the house flooding, getting to grips with the culture, and navigating the education system. Things are starting to get better, but sometimes the homesickness still kicks in. Here are eleven things I miss most about... Read more »

Don't they teach interpersonal skills at school nurse academy?

I don’t see why people have to be condescending, or rude. The past month or so, I have been struggling with the nurse at my daughters school. I first approached her at an event before the school year began, trying to explain that we were new to the country, and facing trouble getting insurance. I... Read more »

Autism and disturbed sleep patterns = Grumpy Mamma

I’m running on empty. Not emotionally, but in terms of energy. Being a mum to two kids – a neurotypical one and one with autism, I should be used to sleep deprivation, but it’s been nearly five years since I had a teeny tiny baby that needed my attention throughout the night. Of course, there... Read more »