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21 Actual Things You Only Know If You Are a Crazy Cross Stitcher

Announcing… I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus. I’m an addict. It’s cross stitch central around here, so it only apt that today I bring you a post all about that very thing. So today, I read this article: 21 things you only know if you cross stitch. It’s dated August 3, 2015, but reading it... Read more »

Do you plan to do what you plan to do?

If you ever – ever – catch me complaining of boredom; stop, slap me, and point me in the direction of this post. Why? Because I have become a planner – but not necessarily a doer. Therefore, there is always going to be plenty things for me to be doing. I have so many things... Read more »

Speedy Needles: my latest cross stitch project

Day 2
It seems my addiction has taken over. But, I did warn you that I had gone a little cross stitch crazy. Two weeks later and I am hooked. I want to spend every spare moment stitching, yet only feel comfortable enough to do so once the usual household jobs are done. TH is my enabler.... Read more »

I think I've gone a little cross stitch crazy

On September 30th, it will be my five month anniversary of arriving to live in America, with TH and the Miniatures. It’s been a bumpy road – with the house hunting, then the flooding of the house we chose, followed by intense homesickness – thanks to an amalgamation of things going wrong. I’m still homesick,... Read more »