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The Expat Baby - age minus nine weeks (ish): On Baby Showers

Baby showers. Such a bizarre concept to me. People come to a party thrown in your – or your soon-to-be bundle of joy’s – honour. They bring gifts, picked out from a registry of things that you need for the baby – usually chosen by you – and you all gather to coo over cutesy... Read more »

My perfect day

My perfect day
Every month, on the last Wednesday, we bloggers at ChicagoNow take part in Blogapalooz-hour. We get set a topic, or question and then we have to run with it. I’ve taken part every month since I joined the community , June so tonight is no exception – except I can’t do what they’re asking. Tonight’s... Read more »

What do I wish I had never given up? Not caring about what people think of me.

Over the years I have given up lots of things. Some were a good idea to give up, like smoking – which I gave up in May, 2013. Other things – in hindsight – weren’t a great idea to give up, like my Royal Air Force career, or studying Magazine Journalism at university midway through... Read more »