Born in the USA: The Expat Baby (Part One)

Where has the time gone? Two years ago I was packing up my house in England in preparation for moving across the pond to Chicago. It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but here we are.

Having fallen into a routine, I don't seem to have had many experiences as an expat in recent months. Or so I thought...

But then I changed my way of thinking. Everything is going to be such an experience because I am an expat. The length of time I have been here doesn't change that - and every thing that I do, whether for the first time, or the hundredth, is going to be an expat experience.

But none quite like this one. Pregnancy. Well, having a baby in general. Wow, so much is different here. I feel like a newbie, and a first time mum to be all over again.

You would think by child number three, that I would be a pro at this, but this is my first (and last) time being pregnant in the states. Compared with my experiences in the UK, there are vast difference - from how much it costs, to pain relief, right through to what certain baby related items are called...

Well, I'm getting the hang of it, and in this series I will discuss various aspects of having a baby stateside. From the differing medical practices, to getting ready for baby the frugal way. From the get go, it has been my mission to get ready for baby the frugal way - and spend as little as possible. I will be documenting how I have achieved that, as well as observing my experiences of having a baby here in the US.

Join me, and follow along in this adventure. Three months until Master T (it's a boy!) arrives.

We better get moving!

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