How Siri helps me clean the house

Goodness. How time flies. I've been a stay at home mum for almost two years! In that time, it's been a bit like Groundhog Day sometimes.

Finish cleaning the kitchen, and it feels like I have stepped away for a moment, and it's messy again. As for laundry, who would have thought four people could make so much dirty washing in one day? I don't mind doing washing as such, but with the utility area being in our basement, and out of sight, I often forget about the load of laundry waiting for me to add it to the dryer, or fold. In fact, right now, there are two huge baskets waiting for somebody's attention. I wish I could say it was because we are only just bck from our ten day trip to the UK, but it happens too frequently.

Or has in the past.

I have utilized my iPad calendar to help me not just with remembering to check the laundry, but for other things around the house too. I have a whole calendar dedicated to chores, in the hopes that it will help me keep on top of things, especially with baby on the way.

Hey, Siri

So, to start with, I have Siri set for 9am every day to have me check for any dirty clothes, towels or bedding, and put the load on. The washing machines ne typically takes around one hour, so as soon as I have put the load on, I summon my digital buddy. I tell him to set an alarm for eighty minutes. Done. I get an alarm, and I no longer have to re-wash the load because it went in two days ago and I forgot.

This is a habit I really do want to get into, as I am very interested in using cloth diapers (nappies, in the UK), but that wouldn't be good for anybody, or cost effective, if I forgot about those!

Never have a last minute "what the hell do we eat" situation again.

We meal plan. Or try to. When we remember to take the meat out of the freezer. Once a month, we go to Costco (no affiliation, it's just where we go, but I wouldn't mind them paying me for the mention). We stock up on meat mainly, and long lasting dry good. Vegetables are generally a no go there (packages are too big, and often already beginning to perish - yuck). We typically buy chicken and beef products: chicken breast, ground beef, steak, pot roast and a couple of whole chickens, and sometimes lamb chops, which go straight into the chest freezer we have in the basement.

Meal planning is then easy. We have a rotation of typical dishes we eat, but if I get stuck for ideas, I have a board on Pinterest full of inspiration as well as following other blogs for ideas. All we have to do is usually make sure we have vegetables, rice, pasta or potatoes in at all times and meal planning is easy.

What isn't easy is remembering to take out the meat in the first place. So now I use my chore calendar to give me a reminder at 8pm every day. Meat out freezer, simple. I have my meal plan in a note on Evernote, and check what we need out for the next two days. We do two because of the length of time it takes to defrost a whole chicken. It's working so far. No more realizing the meat is still frozen and reaching for the takeaway menu.

Other ways I use the calendar for chores.

I also have daily checks set up to Hoover, sweep or mop as necessary. Another one tells me to check over the bathrooms, so they will stay wiped over. Toothpaste in sink is a common unsightly thing around here, and I, as a woman, would actually prefer it if the males of our household would leave the toilet seat up. Why? Because then I would know if they have, ahem, misfired again.

So this is my routine in making sure I don't forget to check those things that might slip my mind, or have been pushed to the "do it in a minute" section of my brain. So far, it's working. If anybody has any tips on how to remember these chores that easily get forgotten, let me know. Gotta run. It's sweeping time.

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