Seven things I know about writing

Hello, new people! You're just on time. I must say hi to already existing followers too - thanks for keeping up with me.

Wait, that's not right. Thanks for waiting with baited breath for me to actually DO something. Well, I've been doing stuff, of course but that same "stuff" has made me abandon writing. Yet I constantly post on my private Facebook page. What gives? Why not share it here...

Anyhow... The Lovely Little Merry Sunshine has tagged me in a thing jiggy that's coursing it's way through the ChicagoNow community, so here I am - fashionably late to the party - and taking part!

The deal? Write seven things I know about writing. Here goes:

To write, you have to write.

Fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper. Get scribbling. Even if it is absolute waffle (see above).

It is virtually impossible to write and cross stitch at the same time.

Cross stitch is my other passion. Actually it's more of an addiction, and I need a meeting frequently. Alas; at these meetings there are other flossaholics, who cajole and support each other into feeding our habits.

I know I should write more, but I need a decent app to take diction so I can stitch at the same time. The quality apps cost a pretty penny, though - and I already spent it on my addiction. Bugger.

I don't have writer's block. 

I have a blocked up head, because there is a book stuck in there. Several, actually. But whenever I decide to write some of it down... a blank page stares at me, and the story shrinks into the back of my mind.

The blank page is my enemy.

It's so bright, and white. Reflective. I curse all 21 x 19 centimetres (international paper size) of the bright glow, that reflects all of my creative energy back to my mind, forcing the blockage in my mind to grow stronger.

That's not what they mean by double spacing.

There's a thing going about, that most people don't like, apparently. You know the spaces after a full stop, or period, or whatever you like to call the little dot at the end of a sentence? There should be one, not two. I never got the memo that there were people putting two in the first place, so I guess I'm a natural.

Number two on the list of things not many people like... is Justin Bieber. Just kidding. He runs a close third by losing to every graphic designers pet hate: the font 'Comic Sans'.

Size matters.

So does the font. I know NOT to write a letter, or anything, in Comic bloody Sans. How I learned this, I have no idea. Somebody should do the writers of tomorrow a favor, and send a memo to all primary/elementary schools pronto. Maybe with a link to a good grammar checking app. It all helps the readability, and you do want to be read, right?

Meanwhile, back at the farm.

It is difficult to write without going off on so many tangents.  If my scribblings were a mind map - they would resemble the London Underground. I believe this post to be a prime example of this.

No wonder I have a queue of unpublished posts waiting...


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