Who in their right mind aspires for their child to grow up to live on welfare?

You're a parent. If you're not a parent - play along for a moment or two. What do you reward your child with for good behaviour? Love? A little treat, or a token toward a big treat? Gratitude? A cigarette?

The moment your child is born - you have a whole lifetime of love and nurturing to look forward to. You will get to watch this little one grow, develop, reach their full potential - whatever that might be. Anything is possible. What aspirations do you have for your child? To go to university? To be happy? Be a doctor, or a nurse, or a soldier - whichever career they choose. Or do you aspire for them to live a live of scrounging, popping out babies solely to gain financial aid - paid for people who do contribute to society. Do you let those people take care of you, and your offspring so none of you ever have to work a day in your life?

I know which I am. For posterity, I'm the mother who wants to reward her children with all things positive, and I want them to reach for the sky and run with it - and earn that same sky with hard work, and dedication.

Not like this vile woman, who hasn't worked a day in THREE decades, and has had ten children just so she can claim as much welfare as possible. Who rewards her children by buying them cigarettes for good behaviour. Think that's shocking? She doesn't stop there. Want to know what her aspirations are for her ten children? To each have five children of their own, so she can milk more money out of the British Taxpayer, and become Britain's biggest benefits family.

How aspirational! It is women like her that I hate, but not for the common reason that you might think. Sure, tax payers are going to be gunning for her and hating on her every word when her story is aired on a Channel 5 documentary in the UK, because they are the ones paying for her tattoo'd, smoke filled, teeth rotted lifestyle.

I hate her because I was a mum who relied upon social welfare. I received child tax credit, child benefit, housing benefit, Disability living allowance (for my autistic son), and - for a small while - income support. I received financial aid, but no way could I afford to do what she swans about doing. I also did not intend to churn out baby after baby just to get to live for free. But, because of people like her, portrayed in the media - that's exactly what I have been accused by so many in the past of doing .

The very first time I was bitched at, because I had my hair cut, and was out. My six month old son was being looked after by my mum, and I wasn't planning to get wasted. I think I had my nails done too. The girl who was having a bitch asked me how I could afford it. She barely knew a thing about me, other than I was a single mum. She just assumed that my money was coming from the state. Some of it was: the standard allowances any family under a certain bracket received. What she didn't know was I had returned to my job and with my first decent paycheck for months I had treated myself. I had a job, and was being moaned at, based on incorrect assumptions.

When it came time for me to give up work, I did so because I wasn't breaking even. I couldn't work in a call centre, and be with my children while they were awake. I took a carer job, but the children were in childcare for sixty hours a week - forty of which I was on call for, and twenty were paid. I was worse off being in work, than out of it, and - get this - the tax payer was, too. Why? Because they had to pay almost £200 a week MORE for me to be in work, to cover my childcare with the childcare element of Working Tax Credit.

So I stopped working. but I had a plan. The day after I finished my job, I began studying. Yes, I received benefits but my aspiration was to be off them for good. If that meant I had to receive them for a while, so be it. People still saw me as lazy. They just didn't get the economical fact that working toward a better paid job would mean I would pay significantly more tax in the long run, than I would have if I had remained in a minimum wage job. The way I saw it was, I would eventually pay the financial help back, and then some.

As they kept on with their narrow mindedness, painting everybody on welfare to be the same money grabbing hobo as that woman, I passed my exams and got into university.

Doing so meant no longer being qualified for the vast majority of welfare benefits, but that felt so good, because it's what I set out to do. However; haters are going to hate. Now I wasn't on benefits, the mantra just changed to the unfonded belief I had babies so I could go to university for free. Oh, the hang ups of the uneducated. For me, university isn't free. I get the same loans as everybody else. Why people assume I don't have to pay because I have children is beyond me.

Still, life took a turn, and I didn't quite reach my goal of graduating just yet, but I would have if life hadn't  thrown me a better opportunity. I no longer receive a single state handout. Five years ago, when I was in the depths of poverty, I didn't think I would be here, living in America with a budding career in cross stitch and graphic design at my fingertips, two amazing children and a wonderful husband taking care of me.

Life isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight better than a life of welfare handouts. I wouldnt hold aspirations for that kind of lifestyle for anybody.


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