Do you plan to do what you plan to do?

If you ever - ever - catch me complaining of boredom; stop, slap me, and point me in the direction of this post. Why? Because I have become a planner - but not necessarily a doer. Therefore, there is always going to be plenty things for me to be doing.

I have so many things to do, that it's tough to find the time to fit them in, and very difficult to multitask with the nature of these... Projects? Yes. Projects. I will call them that.

I've come a long way from the shy, semi-discontented person I was just last summer - when living in a new country was terrifying, new, and totally overwhelming. If I was lonely in England, it was definitely lonelier here. Even though I had finally closed the gap and I and Mr Poppy were together - I was overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to make new friends. That's still a work in progress. There haven't been any massive developments in developing real-world friendships.

I did try – once or twice. But it was like dating. Seriously. They just weren't that into me. Or I into them. I'm not sure which way around, to be honest, but I do know that on my side there was more effort. Friendship shouldn't take effort. Or snobbery (theirs).

Anyway, faced with bugger all to do beyond clean the house and see to the children, I found some things to do instead. I got back into cross stitching, and listened to the music that inspires ideas for stories. I've really got somewhere with imagining the idea for the story I really want to write... but I haven't started it yet. See: planner.

My kindle bookshelf is stacked with books waiting to be read – 42 titles to be exact. My real life bookshelf teems with titles waiting to be read too, and I have an audible subscription. The reason I have an audible subscription is so I can stitch and listen at the same time. These two fall under the category of: doer. The rest of the books, however, are reserved for after hours. Basically the pre-sleep ten minutes I have available when I climb into bed, but then end up doing pointless things on my iPad for two hours, then at 2:30 am - decide to write a blog. So semi - doing.

Which is a feat. The blog all but died recently. It's tricky to stitch and write at the same time. That, and stitching is easy. Writing makes me think. Stitching helped me stop thinking. Wait, no - that's not right. Stitching has given me something to focus my thoughts upon, while trying to avoid thinking of the other stuff. The things that I should be writing about, but come out in a slew of jibberish nonsense. Who wants to read the same old angst, or attempt to understand my thought processes when sometimes I don't understand them.

You do, if you're reading this. I appreciate you sticking with me. I have a couple of new posts in the offing right now. Planning stages. We will see if they get done!

In the meantime, I ask you; do you plan to do all you plan to do, or do you not know what you plan to do?

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