Fiction Friday - Dream a little dream of me - Part 2

As some of my audience will already know, I love to write stories. Instead of letting these stories spend another five years sitting on my hard drive, I thought I would share them. Following on from Part one, here is part two of Dream a Little Dream of Me...


Chapter Two - Rupert

It was four o’ clock in the morning. I looked - bleary eyed - around the darkened room, taking in the shadows that stretched out, reaching for me, as they tried to pull me back into the darkness of my dream. Something had woken me. Not something from the conscious world, but something from within the dream itself. I usually didn't dream anymore – perhaps it was the occurrence in itself that caused me to awaken. I was a man of logic. Somebody who trusted only what I could see and hear; what I could touch, smell and taste. Dreams were for the kind of people who dared to take a chance, and I wasn't one of those people.

I reached over and shut off the alarm that wouldn’t sound for well over an hour yet. There was no point in returning to sleep now, in case the dream lurked, and I did not wish to be thrust into the world of the unknown once more.

Standing, I decided coffee would clear the remnants of the dream from my mind. I pulled on my dressing robe and wandered into the kitchen to switch on the kettle. The bright, fluorescent lights that emanated from the ceiling were hurt my eyes so I dimmed them right down. Then I saw her.

“Jesus H Christ!” I gasped, running my hand through my golden brown messy hair which sprang out in all directions, thanks to the tossing and turning of my unrestful sleep. My heart beat so fast, it felt that it would beat its way out of my chest.

"I’m still asleep. This is the worst kind of dream. The one you think you have woken up from.”

There was a young woman - the one from my dream - sitting crossed legged on my breakfast bar. She was petite and slim. She had flame coloured hair, the red orange tones like a sunset, and her eyes were a piercing green. Who was she? Why was she inside my head?

“Well. Thanks a bunch! Firstly, I will have you know that - at the last check I was female and if I were to check again, I will probably indeed, still be female. But I will pass your regards onto Jesus if you so wish.” Her tone was sarcastic, but her voice was melodic - almost as soft as the sounds of a harp. But her words - they confused me.

“Okay, I give in. Despite many attempts to contact you, you still have no idea who I am. Here we go, again. I’m Gabby, or Gabrielle if I cock things up, and get into trouble with the boss or my mum - wait my boss is my... Never mind. No you’re not asleep, but you’re not awake either. I have had to put you in an in between state, because you are one tough cookie to get through to, otherwise. Tut. People try to talk to you, yet you just don’t - or won't hear.

"So here you are visiting with me. Welcome to In-between. Until I have told you what I came to tell you, you will stay here. So, please pull up a seat. I would get comfy if I were you, because I might take a while to explain. I might take longer, to emphasize just exactly how long I have spent trying to communicate with you.”

She spoke so fast, I could just keep up, as I stood, jaw agape. Okay, some freaky shit was going on. I looked about me for some kind of weapon, spotting the knife rack nearby on the countertop. Making to reach for it, I felt a sharp intake of breath as my hand stopped and froze mid-stretch. What the? I tried to move it. The girl giggled to herself.

“Seriously! Call this job satisfaction because I don’t. Why do you guys always resort to trying to inflict injury upon me? I think I will leave your arm as it is for now, just to be on the safe side. Any more funny business, and I will freeze the rest of you!”

Funny business? Whose dream was this? Okay - so she said it wasn’t a dream but what else could this be. Pretty ladies didn't just appear in my kitchen in the middle of the night. Not without my prior knowledge or some heavy alcohol consumption first, anyway.

“Who are you?” I asked incredulously.

“Like I said, I’m Gabby. Now there is something important I need to tell you. I have been trying to tell you for some time, but I’ve had my work cut out doing it. Usually it’s a simple cut and dry process. When the time is right we communicate with our intended assignments through their subconscious in their dreams. Then they go on to do what we have told them to, without any hiccups or protest because they usually have no recollection of us. They just think it is their time.

"You however, have somehow managed to block your dreams, or if we do break through – the connection is broken almost immediately. I have even resorted to trying to present myself to you in the conscious world but you didn’t pay attention then either. Always too busy, busy, busy! Slow down or you’ll do yourself a mischief. So anyway, now I have finally gotten through to you, you really do need to listen.”

I regarded the girl from my frozen position. She had an awful lot of energy about her, like colours swirling in indigos, oranges, and greens all around her. If I wasn't dreaming, then I was positive I was hallucinating. But now she was starting to intrigue me too. Hear her out, I thought to myself.

“So if I promise to listen, could you undo me? I’m kind of getting cramp. Then I can listen, get back to my coffee and you would have completed whichever task or assignment you seem to think I am, and I can get on with my life?”

She snapped her fingers, and my arm dropped to my side , allowing me to move freely again. She gestured to the stool at the end of the breakfast bar, indicating for me to sit. I As I did so, she snapped her fingers again. A steaming mug of coffee appeared in front of me. I stared at it, bewildered, I looked up at her.

“What?! You wanted a coffee. You got coffee! Some people – they just can’t be helped. Okay, no more magic for now. Right if things don’t run smoothly from here on in - which they probably won’t, knowing you – then you will be seeing me again. Now are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. You know how there is someone for everyone?”


Next time: We return to Kaelyn, to learn that sometimes dreams do come true...

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