Question of the day: What is your biggest pet peeve on the road?

You might think it odd that I have a peeve about the road, because I don't drive. So how can I have a pet peeve? As a pedestrian - that's how!

This was never an issue in the UK, but here - crossing the street is a chore. I understand the way the crosswalks work. Why don't drivers understand? The man says walk. So I walk. But some idiot typically wants to turn left, and has no regard for the fact that the lights are giving me the right of way.

So invariably, I end up stopped in the middle of the street to let them pass, or I flip them a little birdy, while they wait in the cross section.

Drivers, wait! Let me cross the road, g'damnit!

What's your biggest peeve on the road? Blog it, comment, tweet it!

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