Question of the Day: What is the best part about Winter?

Well, that depends on where you are I think. When I lived in England, it was the chance of snow, that usually never came. When it did decide to swirl down from the sky, it was exciting, and amazing. For ten minutes.

Then I just wanted to get back inside, into the warm and not have to venture out in it again. Usually I didn't have to, because the UK shuts down when snow happens there, so it was blissful. As long as you had done your shopping, and had no where to go urgently, great.

However, right now I am experiencing my first proper snow in Chicago. Excuse me. You there, sky? Take it back! I don't want it! This time it was fun for... Three minutes? Why? Because here, things don't stop, and you have work to do when it snows.

I have decided we have one fuck of a long drive. It took my husband two hours to clear it yesterday, and he scraped the path up too. Why? Because we live in lawsuit happy America, and if someone slips, well let's just say it's their ass that gets hurt. So we have to shovel snow.

This doesn't make sense though, because just this morning, Missy slipped and fell twice, just getting to the car to go to school. I ended up getting her to walk in the piled up snow, because the cleared area was slippery as hell!

It was also minus 19 degrees Celsius. There isn't anything fun about that. So now I'm not a fan of snow, and if somebody is stupid enough to want to walk past our house in that white stuff, they can clear their own fricking path.

So what I do like about winter, is the warmth that I get to cocoon myself in when I don't have to go out there. I think we might just cancel school ourselves and stay in the warm. We pay for it anyway, so who's going to complain? Well the husband might, when Comed send us the bill.

Holy heck, winter is expensive!

My favourite thing about winter, though? No fricking thunderstorms!

What's your favourite thing about winter? Tweet it, blog it, comment, Facebook it, vlog it! You know you want to!

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