Question of the Day: What do you have on your refrigerator door?

The refrigerator door. It's like a hub for keeping memos, notes and a plethora of magnets in many homes.

I used to be a minimalist, but that's a pretty difficult lifestyle maintain when you have children. Gradually our fridge has filled with various child oriented thingamajigs over the last seven years that I have been a parent.

At one point we had the almost compulsory letters scattered across the door, but they have been packed away in a toy box, because they kept dropping on the floor. Now, we tend to keep the necessary bits and pieces related to school:

The schedule of payments for Missy's preschool program. That reminds me - must get TH to cut a check for it.

The calendar for Miniman's school - he gets lots of early release days so it helps to keep up.

The drawing of the moment - Missy draws. A lot. So we tend to have a bit of a rotation going on the door.

An empty space - frequently we get a notice for school that we need constant reminding off. That goes here.

I've also been known to scribble reminders on the door... Like the frozen strawberries that need to be taken out for the lunch boxes in the morning. Things like that. It does wash off - don't panic.

So, what do you have on your fridge door? Blog it, tweet it, comment... Follow me! Details below...

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