Question of the day: Have you ever stolen anything?

I don't know why, but I have never been terribly naughty. Sure, my mum would probably disagree - but I'm not talking about not cleaning my room, back chatting or... gasp; caught drinking underage. Nope. I'm talking about other sins, that deserve doing the time for the crime.

To say I have never stolen anything, would be lying. But I have never stolen anything that could get me into serious hot water. I've never gone into a store, and shoplifted, or stolen money from my parents, or anybody else. Sure, I probably "pinched" sweets (candy), from my brothers - and my kids, but that doesn't count.

So what have I stolen? Well, the only thing I can remember ever stealing is weird, when I think about it. Apples. I used to sneak apples into my bedroom when I was a child. Now I'm a grown up, I don't see why I felt the need to sneak apples. They're healthy, so I don't imagine my mum would ever have minded much about me having an apple, so it doesn't make sense.

Maybe it's a genetic thing, because now Missy, sneaks apples, and always wants one at bedtime. We made an odd pair. Can you have an odd pair? Surely that would be even?

I digress! Have you ever stolen anything? What was it? Answer in the comments, on your blog, or you can comment on my Facebook page. Maybe even send your answer in 142 characters into the twitterverse (see details below).

I'll be back tomorrow with another Question of the Day!

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