Speedy Needles: my latest cross stitch project

It seems my addiction has taken over. But, I did warn you that I had gone a little cross stitch crazy. Two weeks later and I am hooked.

I want to spend every spare moment stitching, yet only feel comfortable enough to do so once the usual household jobs are done. TH is my enabler. He doesn't seem to mind my newly re found pastime. Whether that's because I'm no longer complaining about the house, homesickness or having nothing to to - or because he is getting a lot more x-box time in, I don't know... it might be the latter.

He doesn't get to sit next to me so much though. I like to spread my tools out, and if he sits right next to me, he's going to get accidentally tortured. Either by my right hand thumping him as I separate my embroidery floss into individual strands. Or, by my left hand stabbing him repeatedly with my size 26 tapestry needle - which probably not a good thing what with him being hemophilic and all...

I like the two seater sofa to sit on, because the light is great. The three seater on the other side, in front of the TV is cast in murky shadows - not the best sewing light. Unfortunately Mini Man likes the two seater too, so I feel bad if I make him shift. What I need is a special floor light magnifier lamp thing. Yoohoo, Santa! They have them on Amazon. I checked. You have my wish list, right?

So! Since my addiction took hold a couple of weeks ago, I have been stitching like nobody's business. I thought I was taking it slowly but, according to fellow stitchers on the cross stich forums in a member of, I have speedy needles. Speedy needles... Hmm there's a good title for a new blog... If it ever gets too complicated to discuss expat business, and cross stich within the same blog. It's probably taken...

*Poppy pops off to Doctor Google to check*

Oh, Speedy Needles is free! Was. Was free. I've nabbed it - just in case.

Why speedy needles? Well, I started Aurora Cabin, by Dimensions Gold Collection 13 days ago. Before I began it looked like this:


Fresh out the pack waiting for my command

Since then, I have stitched anywhere between three and eight hours per day. I thought I was going slowly as I wanted to be careful with it but apparently the progress I have qualifies me as a speedy stitcher.

So here's a gallery of my daily progress so far. Enjoy!


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