The art of learning: the learning of art

I've always been a creative kind of person. Since before I could write, I would make up stories. Once upon a time they used to be just a series of noughts and crosses - because that's all I could write, at the age of three.

Twenty-seven years later, I still make up stories, just the words are much more coherent. Not that it matters. My stories don't usually go much further than the word documents in which they are stored, so it would be okay if they were in in xox form.

I've also always been interested in making things. At the age of ten, my aunt taught me to cross stitch, and I still love it. But the greatest thing I have ever learned to do is a true art form to me. Graphic design.

I got into graphic design at school, in the days that pre-date accessible software such as Photoshop, or InDesign. My assignments were all based in other mediums. I used oil paint, felt tips pens, metallic paint, poster, watercolours. I created a wallpaper for a children's bedroom featuring sea creatures. I designed packaging for a new fruit juice. The piece I am most proud of is the movie poster I recreated. I wish I still had it to share, but several house moves during my twenties, means it is lost forever.

I took the movie poster of the film Titanic, and re-painted the ship - half pristine and new, and the other half was rusted and underwater, resting on a murky seabed.

I loved art. I could while away hours on end, and I did. I was predicted a grade B, but my dedication to art meant my other grades were slipping. I had to give up my focus on art to achieve better, more academic results. I did well, but my sketchbook work slipped and my grade for art was the worst of the eight courses I was studying.

My creative side lay dormant for many years after. I worked, in bars, and call centres, and as a care worker. I had a short stint in the Royal Air Force, but it wasn't for me. Then, in 2009, nearly ten years after leaving school. I returned to college, and to my love of all things creative.

Now I have a diploma in Journalism, two A levels in Photography and Media Studies, and a Certificate of Higher Education (magazine journalism). I've learned much more in the last couple of years, and my passion is for digital manipulation and design.

I still love to write, too. Apart from blogging, I haven't done much of that recently. But, for the last year, I have had an idea in my mind, that's been developing slowly, and I feel I am almost ready to begin writing and turn it into a full length book.

I have this belief that I can create ideas, but turning them into a reality is the true art form, and takes the most work. It's taken a year to begin writing this story that has unfolded in my head, because I doubt myself as a writer. But, I can't succeed or fail, if I don't try.

I've learned the art forms. Now it's time I learn to put a little faith into myself, and see how far everything I have learned can take me.

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