I think I've gone a little cross stitch crazy

On September 30th, it will be my five month anniversary of arriving to live in America, with TH and the Miniatures. It's been a bumpy road - with the house hunting, then the flooding of the house we chose, followed by intense homesickness - thanks to an amalgamation of things going wrong.

I'm still homesick, but I've come to the point where I don't absolutely hate being here. In all honesty, I don't really think about it so much anymore. Why? Because I have bitten the bullet and started to get out a little to meet people. They're fellow moms at Missy's school, which I never envisaged being pally with. It turns out they're all really nice people, and much easier to engage with than the parents I used to struggle to bond with in England.

I am suddenly filling my time. I've signed up to volunteer in the school, and am considering joining the parent teacher organisation. Considering, because it's a little overwhelming so I haven't fully decided yet. There's something else that has captured my time too - and the reason my blog frequency has lessened. What I do when I'm not here, and not cleaning, is cross stitch.

When I was ten, my aunt taught me how to cross stitch. I used to be an avid stitcher, but I would start projects and rarely finish. Eventually I stopped stitching altogether, and didn't pick up a needle for the majority of my twenties. I lost all of my projects several years ago, when my ex-husband was clearing out belongings of an elderly couple who we lived with before they passed away. He mistook my sewing box to belong to Connie, the lady - and all of my sewing paraphernalia was lost.

Earlier this year, in July, I decided to get back into cross stitch and ordered two kits. I was away visiting my mum in Guernsey at the time, and the kits arrived at home in Chicago two days after I landed back on American soil. Three months later, I have finished both kits, and am hooked again.

Rather than stitching aimless, random projects, I have decided to collect all of the kits of Thomas Kinkade's Disney Dreams Collection. I have three so far:


Cinderella wishes upon a dream, by artist Thomas Kinkade.


The a little Mermaid, by artist Thomas Kinkade


Tinker bell and Peter Pan fly to Neverland, by artist Thomas Kinkade

Looking on forums, I saw that the Cinderella kit took most people almost a year to complete. My brother let slip that he is getting me Beauty and the Beast for Christmas, and one stitcher updated her progress weekly as she stitched the same design. As I'm collecting these pictures, I think this is a huge project I have undertaken as I believe there are 11 pictures in the collection. I've also ordered a kit called Aurora's Cabin - a Christmas kind of scene - which has just arrived, so I expect to be pretty busy for some time now.


Aurora Cabin, from the Dimensions Gold Collection - designed by Kim Norlien

I'm going to begin Aurora's Cabin today, and then I'm going to share pictures of my progress, as I document how long it takes. I figure I have until Thanksgiving to get it done. No pressure!

This will keep my blogging regular, and encourage me to not abandon the sewing project. Finally, I have something to do and not enough hours in the day, rather than the other way around. Oh, and I'm teaching Missy to sew too!

Look out for my work as I progress. Do you like to craft? Any stitching fans like me around?

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