Autumn in Chicago

It has been over four months now, since we landed on American soil. The day we landed, I was unprepared. Actually, I was unprepared for a lot of what was going to happen in the time between then and now, but on that occasion - fresh off the airplane - I was unprepared for how cold it would be.

Our previous visits had always started in June or July, so, to arrive in the last dwindling hours of April, and step out of the air-conditioned airport into non humid air was a surprise.

Of course, I knew Chicago has somewhat erratic weather, and this year has been an overall cooler one at all times - not just in Spring. It was just what I was used to. I didn't complain though. I just wished I had an accessible jacket to throw on. By accessible, I mean - easy to don, while maneuvering the miniatures through the airport grounds as we made our way to TH's car.

Summer wasn't far away, though, and it would soon arrive to the fanfare of me complaining continually about the humidity, and the erratic storms that had to happen to cool things down. I have heard of much appreciation of the 'cool' summer that just took its final bow for this year. That summer was a cool one? Yikes.

It wasn't comfortable to set foot outside for long at all. I must have missed some absolutely beautiful days as I hid away in our house, hiding from the heat. On school pick ups, I wouldn't stop walking, once home, until I had reached the shower. Just two days ago, that was the case.

Walking to and from school, made me feel like I had taken an hour at the gym, wrapped in cling film. Gross. Thirty degree (Celsius) heat is not a comfortable temperature to do anything in. Yesterdat, when I checked the forecast, and saw the high would be half that, I was thrilled!

I'm so happy to be able to wear my jeans, boots and a sweater again. I much prefer chilling out in comfortable Autumn/Winter clothes, and I feel much more presentable, too. Two days ago, I was wearing shorts, and a tank top with flip flops to pick Missy up. Today I was happily wrapped up in my faithful jeans, top, sweater, boots and wool coat. It felt great to walk to school without sweating profusely, even wearing what I what usually wear in the height of the British winter.

Today is what feels like the first real day of Autumn. The leaves are starting to fall, the temperature is cooler and I am happily embracing what is definitely my favourite season of the year.

I know it means winter is well on it's way, and that I may well be complaining about the weather again soon. But, in this moment, I'm going to appreciate all the Chicago Autumn season has to offer me.

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