The Homemaking Experience: What's for Dinner?

What kind of Mamma blogger would I be if I didn't share recipes? I'm a horrendous cook with an oven - most of the time all I do is burn the food. I'm definitely not used to the ovens here in America, because I could use the one I had in England – so yeah, I'm blaming the tools!

Anyway, we were lucky to receive a slow cooker as a wedding gift, and since then I've been turning out proper meals that taste great, without a speck of charcoal in sight...

So, starting today I will share my experiments in the kitchen. The majority of recipes I find and share will be for slow cookers - and I'll leave the oven stuff for TH to tackle!

Today I'm making Chinese Beef and Broccoli, a recipe I found courtesy of Table for Two.

What's for dinner in your house today?

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