I open my mouth, and I sound just like my mother

When I was little - well, in my younger years, there was many things my mum used to say that were (I'm now learning) the typical parent thing to say.

How have I learned this? Because now I find many of these sayings popping out of my own mouth. Yes - I sound just like my mother. It can't be just me that repeats things our parents said to our own children (or other people, for that matter), so - with the help of some friends and family, I have compiled a list of things our mothers used to say that now slip from our own tongues...

We'll see.

"Mummy can we... do this, see that, go there...?" We'll see. It's a cop out, but it's not a yes - or a no. It buys you time, or is a good stock answer for when you're not quite paying attention to what they ask. It means they might ask again, when you've either had time to think about it, or forget what they asked in the first place.

I'll think about it.

Much like "We'll see," but deployed usually around the second attempt of asking for whatever it was that was asked for in the first place.

Make some tea.

Okay there are some variations on this one here - and the theme seems to run directly in our own family blood. My American friends will love this! Variations include:

  • While you're up, put the kettle on.
  • It's a bit of a dry do here.
  • *a general thudding of a mug in your direction.* Body language is a great thing.

I shit you not, I have been making cups of tea since I was aged around five. There is just something about tea that my mum, and many other members of the family adore. Mummy Dearest will often be quite happy to have another cuppa waiting for her before she has finished the one before. I advise you - should you ever meet her, and it be first thing in the morning - DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT to speak to her... unless you're brandishing a hot mug of standard Tetleys (the tea, not the beer). By standard I mean - two sugars, and a dash of milk added last after the tea bag has been removed.

I have learned that both my cousin and I don't like the stuff, so maybe the tea obsession is fading out from our family...

Put your face straight.

Whenever Mini Madam is having a full on strop, this tends to leak from my mouth. Maybe if she didn't scrunch her face up like that, I wouldn't say it. Her putting her face straight is also a spectacle... My mum says she gets more like me every day, so in the same vein I guess I get more like my mum every day - apart from the ability to - you know - cook.

Do what you're told, when you are told - and that means NOW!

The Miniatures are four and six. I could be riding this particular train for quite some time. Because - let's face it - teenagers don't really do what they're told first time round do they. Come to think of it - neither do husbands. Yep, this line is going to be aired ALOT. 

Incidentally, this line didn't really work on me that much. Not the "now" part anyway. As a result I spent an awful lot of time grounded.

You're grounded!

Yep. I'm not even ashamed to say that I have deployed those two words that I hated so much when I was a kid. To a four year old. Unfortunately her definition of being grounded was being taken somewhere then left behind, so my sleep got interrupted when she had a nightmare about it all. I had to explain that grounding means not being allowed to go out, or have treats. I've used the line, but it's only ever been for a couple of hours in length - not the SIX MONTHS (!!!) that I got for not cleaning my room. I'm obsessed with tidiness now. Go figure.

Because I said so.

What does that even mean? It means parents don't know it all, and sometimes we ask our children to stop being annoying because... it's annoying. But you don't want to damage your child's poor wee soul with something so mean - so you say: "Because I said so."

"Can we go to the park, mum?" You say no. They ask: "Why?" Why? "Because I said so. It's got to be one of the most frustrating answers to a kid, who - if they're daring and savvy enough to answer back - will say: "That's not even a proper answer!" Which will be met with don't back chat.

Don't back chat.

The response I got a heck of a lot back in my teen years. Of course I would answer back again with: "I'm not back chatting." Which I wasn't. It was just me trying to voice my opinion on whichever matter it was. Jump to now, and while Mini Man is non-verbal - his sister more than makes up for it. It's like a teenager has invaded my child sometimes. Luckily I can still lift her, and so I win. Most of the time.

I'm telling Santa, or Christmas is cancelled!

Pulling out the big guns here. I've used I'm telling Santa, and I'm pretty sure I said Christmas was cancelled to them last week when they wouldn't behave on the plane. Of course it didn't work, and Christmas will still happen, just like it did whenever Mum pulled that line on me and my brothers.

The future:

There are some corkers, that I don't think about until they pop out of my mouth. I'm sure there are more things that my mum has said to me that I will repeat in the years to come, and that the children will repeat to my grandchildren (yikes!).

But I have one or two of my own to add that my mum has definitely NOT ever said to me like, " Pack it in, or I'll put you on eBay - buy one get one free." Of course - this is an empty promise. Selling children is illegal, and I'd kinda miss them! Some people look at me like I'm serious if they hear me say it though. It's a joke people! The little pests aren't going anywhere.

I think my mum used to say: "Wind your neck in," a fair amount. I still, to this day, haven't a clue what that was even supposed to mean. I haven't used that one though. There is time!

Do you have moments when your mother invades your voice? What sayings has she passed down?

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