Autism, and the redundant Tooth Fairy

Following in the theme of first times, we have recently entered a new milestone. It's time to say goodbye to Mini Man's milk teeth as they are gradually replaced by the new, stronger kind that will last him through his adult years.

Wow, my little guy is growing up! I guess that means I will eventually have to change his moniker, as I'm not sure the Miniatures will appreciate being referred to as mini when they reach their teenage years...

So I'll be honest, as always. I really wasn't looking forward to the whole changing of the teeth thing. Being somebody who is unable to understand new things off the bat, and somebody who freaks out when something happens that he doesn't understand, I expected much more drama when his teeth started to fall out.

Well I was wrong!

A couple of weeks ago, he came up to me and smiled at me, and I noticed a gap at the bottom right where the front teeth usually sit. Now - as any autism parent will know - it is no mean feat trying to look into his mouth, and this was no different an occasion. Without making a big deal - I told him to come with me so I could brush his teeth.

He looked at me like I was mad, as he usually cleans his own teeth but he went along with it, so I was able to look without him really knowing what I was doing. I didn't want to alarm him, so I guess this was the best way to do it.

Yep - his tooth was gone, and a new little pearly white growing in it's place. Right next door another tooth was invading, and declaring war on the baby tooth that was still in situ.

None of this bothered him at all, and it puzzles me that he has made no fuss about it at all. The second tooth has now surrendered and evacuated - but to where - I have no idea. I've hunted for the missing teeth but to no avail.

Being a non-talker, Mini Man has no concept of the tooth fairy, so we haven't done the "money under the pillow" thing. But this perplexes Mini Madam. She understands the tooth fairy, and I think she is most bothered about the lost teeth because she says it isn't fair that he doesn't to get a visit from the tooth fairy.

I guess she's worried that if her teeth get lost, then she won't get a visit from the tooth fairy, so I have told her when Mini Man loses two more teeth then he will get a special visit from the tooth fairy. I've left the details blank while I think of a special treat for when that happens, so it's as much a surprise to her as him.

It will probably be a day trip. Kidwinks provides an amazing, and comprehensive list of things to do in Chicagoland. The bonus is - many are free! It seems our tooth fairy is frugal, but if she's risking redundancy then a fairy's gotta do what a fairy's gotta do!

So, tooth fairy stories, please! Was there drama with your loved ones? Or, do you have stories from your childhood?

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