Autism, and jet lag

Good morning! Not that I can consider it as such. The time is merely 3:46 am, and I am up, listening to Mini Man babble as he plays.

This is the third morning of early rising, and I can't even joke that Mini Man is solar powered. It's that early even the sun doesn't want to know.

So what's causing him to get up with the milk man? Autism and jet lag. Mini Man has no off switch at the best of times, but add messing with his circadian rhythm, and you have yourself a little bundle of energy.

Weirdly; when we made our trip to the UK, after a day or two, he was up light a shot at the first hint of daylight, but was also hard to settle in the evening.

This affected my Mum more than me, because I was busy dealing with jet lag and traveling into time like a normal person: by sleeping in late. I'm not quite wired like a mum should be. I rarely hear if the Miniatures are awake, because I sleep that deeply.

Now we are back in Chicago, we're six hours behind the UK and by UK standards, getting this up this early is a lie in. The thing is he was up until 7pm, so surely should be asleep until 5am? Nope.

It sure makes for fun in the late afternoon, as I race to feed him before he falls asleep. In fact, never mind feeding him. Last night I missed dinner completely because I fell asleep for "just five minutes" when I popped into our bedroom to get something.

While Mini Man's sleep cycle made for a sometimes grumpy Nanna in the UK, it makes for a tired husband who - with a full day at work, and a hefty drive ahead of him - needs his sleep.

So even though Mini Man is playing happily, and (more importantly) quietly, I am downstairs so he feels less need to come into our bedroom for the security of knowing a grown up is nearby.

Hopefully this weekend we can do something to really wear him out so he doesn't wake so easily.

In the meantime, is it bed time yet?

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