Autism and first times: talking

Ever since we received Mini Man's Autism diagnosis three years ago, several things about the future have worried me. How will he do among his peers at school? How will he cope with necessary changes to our lives, and his structure?

He took to the socialising aspect so easily, with his friends all looking out for him. Though he could not speak, these children just accepted him for who he was. Okay, he didn't get invited to any birthday parties, but this actually made it easier for both of us, because he just couldn't comprehend the social rules of these events.

But I knew he was well liked, and this was proven when his planned departure from that school came a little sooner than originally anticipated. I do not regret my decision to remove him from school to home educate temporarily, but when we received a beautiful card that every one of his little friends had contributed to, my resolve did waiver a little.

But it also gave me confidence to trust in others, and know that just because he is unable to communicate effectively, it doesn't mean he is unable to make friends in a new environment.

We are almost complete in making our transition from living in the UK, to living in America, and he has adjusted remarkably well. Over the last year of planning, I have worried so much about how the change would impact upon him. Why I fretted so much, I have no idea - he has taken to the change so smoothly.

He plays daily, happily chirruping away to himself. He babbles away constantly, making new sounds and giggling away at whatever it is he has said. We have no idea what he is saying, but if anybody could tell me what "Ee owww" means, that would be great! Whatever it means, he finds it hilarious, and I take great joy in hearing him chuckle away to himself.

I have told TH that I am sure, Mini Man is warming up his vocal chords, and that one day very soon, my almost-seven-year-old is going to take off talking, and never look back.

He can say a few basic sentences like "I love you, Mummy," but it comes out sounding like: "Uh Who, Ah He." The way he says: "Night night. See you in the morning," is also super cute.

As little as a year ago, it was greatly difficult to get any communication out of him. He certainly had no concept of the word "no". Now? Not only does he understand the word but he shouts it with such gusto!

With this new found love of making sounds, and him starting his new school next month, I have even greater confidence that constant chatter is just around the corner. After all - isn't the word "No" every child's first favourite word?

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