There are 59 pieces in...

There are 59 pieces in...

Mini Man's bed. That doesn't include all the As, Bs, Cs... and all the way up to M. The letter pieces are for the dowels, screws and screw-type things (I don't know what they're called - I'm female!) that hold the damn thing together.

Or that WILL do, should we ever be done building it. We started to do it today, and it's like The Crystal Maze, and The Krypton Factor got together and made an uber-challenge, but we are the unfortunate team who are crap at it, and therefore not winning any prizes any time soon.

The image above is the bed we ordered - nice and smart, huh? There were much simpler options but this one looked cool! However, upon opening - this is what it actually looks like:


Not so fab when it's in 59 pieces plus. I didn't lose count at 59 - just the parts are numbered and some are duplicates. Seriously! Could we not have popped out to American Mattress (no affiliation - it's just the only one I've heard of here), bought little dude a nice snug mattress, popped it on the floor and he could sleep Chinese style quite comfortably - without risk of falling too far out of bed?

Speaking of bed heights here; for double (queen?) beds especially, it's like the designers read The Princess and the Pea one too many times, and decided to create their beds to match the height of 27 mattresses.

In the UK, I could just lower myself slightly and I was on my bed, which made it very helpful for those nights when I was slightly inebriated, and had lost the ability to remove shoes let alone climb into bed. Here; it's like rock climbing. Who needs a gym? Just try making the bed!

So, anyway the bed wasn't ruined despite its premature delivery, and somehow it was inside the house - so no cross words with Walmart. It's proving a bugger to actually put together, but it's not desperately needed until Monday night... so we have given up until tomorrow.

It's the longest day of the year today - and good grief, it's certainly felt like it (apart from that weird half hour at half five when it got really dark, and the sky had one big strop).

So; how was your Summer Solstice?

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