The Expat Mamma Meets Chicago

I first found out I would be moving to Chicago, a little over a year ago when my then boyfriend suggested it in a bid to avoid having to return to a recession hit England.

That was the first clue that I would soon be Mrs Doyle, because - even though he suggested it via Skype - it was tantamount to going down on one knee with a pretty sparkly ring.

I said yes, and he later proposed properly in person - with the pretty sparkly ring (but minus the knee bending part), and we tied the knot in April.

With him having jetted off to his new work promotion only six months into our relationship, we obviously hadn't seen sense to marry - or had the sense not to - given the youth of the relationship at the time.

We both thought he was coming back to the UK, anyway. It was only when we learned his return could mean a strong chance of redundancy, that we started to consider other options.

Even though I have two children, I'm pretty flexible. I can do what I do anywhere in the world. To clarify; I mostly spend my time teaching two miniature people how NOT to raise their own children (but that's another post entirely). I also write - or attempt to, and have a terrific talent for digression, as you can probably tell...

So I could cook, clean, mutter, grumble, delete more words than I write, kneel on Lego bricks and try not to teach the children how to swear quite well in England, or I could do it in America just as easily.

Plus, being honest; the whole moving to America thing - and all of the new adventures that come with it - holds so much more promise for me as a writer, than writing about a day in the life of an English Mamma.

The Expat Mamma gives me an edge, and a fresh voice. We aren't the first people to ever emigrate, but our adventure is our own. It's unique.

I'm excited, yet terrified about all Chicago has to offer us. There are days where I feel so overwhelmed by the huge change we have made.

We have already been here in the suburbs for six weeks, but it has been a bit like living in limbo while we searched for a new house to rent. Well the search is over, and we move into our home this coming weekend, so the adventure can really begin.

So all there is left for me to say right now is: "Hello, Chicago! How are you?"

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