The Calm of the Storm

On a dark dark night
In a dark dark land,
Where the thunder rolled
Destroying all we planned...

So yeah. It's great to do meal plans and shopping lists following said meal plans, as they really do save you time and money in the long run. But sometimes the meal plan will have to be ditched because, life just gets in the way.

This isn't another "how to" about meal planning and recipe suggestions. I'll be honest. I'm shyte at cooking. Baking? Occasionally. But cooking is a no no. The only way I am able to produce really good tasting food is via a slow cooker... So all credit for my ability to feed my family husband tasty food goes to the good writers at Mommy Hates Cooking, or Luv a Bargain. Trust me, they have great ideas for slow cooker meals. Which... My children would appreciate... If they would just at least taste the damn food...

But, I digress, as usual.

Meal planning is all well, and works really good until some horrid bacteria take up residency in your kidney, rendering you:

1. An incoherent babbling hot mess.
2. Unable to function, beyond sleeping, taking pills, sipping water, and hallucinating that you are inside the game 2048 (I clearly play that game too much...)

So yes, I have been out for the count with a kidney infection since Thursday and only started to feel truly better today. So that's four days where everything has gone to shyte and my homemaking plans have gone up the creek with no boat, let alone any paddles.

Friday's is usually meal plan and shopping list day, but I was pretty delirious that day and so The Husband did the meal plan, and shopping list. To be fair, the In-Law's arrived today - so it's an unusual week anyway, what with not knowing what they might want to eat, or where.

He did a good job really. An expensive job, but a good one. However, for day one (today) he planned the "guy entertaining go-to." Yup, the barbecue! Or grill, as it's known here. Yikes. I'm pretty sure that fellow Chicagoians will know that, as glorious as the temperatures were six or seven hours ago... barbecue is most definitely not what we had to eat tonight. Instead we had what I shall call stove: same ingredients, different heat source and cooking appliance - which we ate to the percussion music of the Orchestra in the Sky.

I'm not a fan of thunderstorms, and the past twenty four hours has been riddled with the buggers. Since being woken at 2am while dreaming that a mahoosive block sized slab of cement was falling into our garden, I've been on storm watch.

I hate the fact I have to really factor these fecker's in to plan what we are doing. I was so terrified of storms in the UK that I couldn't breathe, and no way in hell would I step outside in one. The one time I did get caught outside in one, I called into a shop and called my mum who lived not five minutes away asking if I could be picked up! Unfortunately I couldn't, and the poor woman had to slap the Hebrides out of me to calm me down once I had sprinted to her door.

Here, however, I'm quickly learning that these things are pretty frequent and I have to deal with it. They are a thousand times more spectacular than the UK ones, so I have no idea what the hell I was so petrified of at home. These storms terrify me, yet I barely show any physical signs of panic over them. I still won't step out into them, but at least I don't cower in a corner of the house under a cushion anymore. I still have this horrible, nasty all consuming fear that I'm going to be electrocuted in my seat that will never go away until the storms do.

Can the storms just leave me alone now?

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