I'm gonna get myself connected (eventually)

I have come through the fire. The burning heat of the desire to use the internet; check Facebook, Twitter, and to write a post was almost unbearable.

What made the lack of internet for the past two days even more unbearable was the repeated question: " Mummy, why doesn't Netflix work yet?"

Because the cable people are douche bags, my dear. Okay, I didn't say that. To Mini Madam I said: "the man is coming tomorrow to fix the internet so you can use Netflix."

To myself, and maybe to TH, I mutter various not niceties - well more like blatant expletives about the lack of service, and why the feck did we have to wait? It was the cable people who were late for their appointment, making it impossible to get connected as planned because there was no signal, and another person with another truck was needed to contribute more to the carbon footprint to get the job done.

So the latter guy turned up yesterday, but apparently the cable people couldn't get somebody out to connect us as they don't take bookings past 3pm. It was ten past one! So they turned up today, and we finally have a connection.

It was really noticeable too. No small people intimating their boredom via a combination of body language and stalking, no "Mum, netflix still won't work", and no renditions of Let It Go, as one of the only films available to watch was Frozen. In case you haven't seen it you are lucky, and where have you been?

So we are in, mostly unpacked, and the house is clean! Does that mean tomorrow I can chill out and read a book? Or should I start writing the one I've been planning for the past year?

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