Delivery drivers' play knock door run

It's so exciting! We get the keys to our house tomorrow and can start moving in. The movers are coming on Monday and that will be our first night in our new home. We have bought Mini Man a new bed too which we are sure he will love.

That's if it isn't ruined. When we ordered it from Walmart's website - the delivery estimate said June 23rd. So why the hell are we seeing on the tracking information that it was successfully delivered to the new house (which we don't even live in yet) two days ago?

The delivery couriers in America are nuts!

When I was a young child, my friends and I used to play a fun game where we would knock on our neighbours' doors, or ring their bells - then we would go pelting at full speed away, in the hope of not being caught by whomever lived behind that door.

This is a game that the drivers for these courier firms seem to have taken with them into adulthood. They simply drop the parcel wherever, knock then run. You're lucky if you even get to say hi, and that's if you're home, or - in this case - even live there yet!

Back in the UK, I found it very frustrating that I had to lose a day every time I bought something online. Delivery times were typically between 8am and 8pm, and they generally turned up at the last minute.

It was Sod's law that if you popped out for just five minutes in the middle of the day, that they would deliver right then. So you had to wait all day, because there was just no knowing when your item would arrive. If you weren't there - you weren't getting your parcel.

Even when I asked Amazon to have the courier leave parcels in the garden, or with a neighbour - it often didn't happen, and it didn't seem to matter which delivery firm they were using; It was just potluck.

I used to think that was frustrating. Not anymore. They literally dump your parcel on your porch - in plain sight, ring your bell or knock - then they run. What the hell is that about? I should be grateful for receiving the parcel, I'm sure you're thinking...

But what I am thinking is: how can the same company with such stringent delivery requirements in the UK just allow something to be dumped outside without signature in the US?

The parcel I had delivered was for The Husband's birthday: an xbox One and Kinect combo (I know, I'm a great wife). The box could be seen from the street, and the guy didn't wait to see if I anybody was home! What if we hadn't been home? We could have been out until late, and that rather expensive parcel could have easily been stolen.

It seems ridiculous that retailers can just let their goods be left on the doorstep. Surely customers can claim they haven't received the goods with such practices going on?

As for Mini Man's bed - well, we shall see tomorrow when we collect the keys, exactly what condition  it's in. The past two days there have been heavy storms in the area, so I'm expecting a sodden cardboard mess.

Depending on the state of it, Walmart might be getting a good old customer service complaint, and I sure know how to complain.

If I didn't know how, I wouldn't be a true Brit, would I?

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