I want a cheese and pickle sandwich, and it's not weird...

Of all the things I learned about breastfeeding while I was pregnant, there is something they don’t tell you about. The hunger. Which is incredible because my waistline is becoming, well, waist-like remarkably quickly given that I am only nine weeks post partum (or post birth, for the UK readers – I forget what the... Read more »

This homemaker is making a happy home, not a show home

I can’t remember when I last washed the floors. There is a load of wet washing that I literally just remembered, now, at 12:46 am when I have just climbed into bed, but so cannot be bothered to traipse downstairs in the dark to attend to. One, because – fuck that, and two, because half... Read more »

How far we have come: Autism and Birthday Parties

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had a very bad day. Her three year old little boy had been invited to a birthday party by one of the other children at his preschool. Given his age, it was the kind of party where parents stay and join in the fun. The mother... Read more »

The Expat Baby - age minus nine weeks (ish): On Baby Showers

Baby showers. Such a bizarre concept to me. People come to a party thrown in your – or your soon-to-be bundle of joy’s – honour. They bring gifts, picked out from a registry of things that you need for the baby – usually chosen by you – and you all gather to coo over cutesy... Read more »

Born in the USA: The Expat Baby (Part One)

Where has the time gone? Two years ago I was packing up my house in England in preparation for moving across the pond to Chicago. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but here we are. Having fallen into a routine, I don’t seem to have had many experiences as an expat in... Read more »

Time to get tough with my son's school

Ever have the feeling you are probably about to annoy somebody? That’s me today. It’s the first day back at school, and I am sure the recipients of my email are going to be wishing it was still vacation time. A little back story. Back in August, the powers that be in charge of Mini... Read more »

How Siri helps me clean the house

Goodness. How time flies. I’ve been a stay at home mum for almost two years! In that time, it’s been a bit like Groundhog Day sometimes. Finish cleaning the kitchen, and it feels like I have stepped away for a moment, and it’s messy again. As for laundry, who would have thought four people could... Read more »

Two out three ain't bad - New Years Resolutions

I had one job. Well, as a mum, I Actually have a few, but surely if I have managed to keep the miniatures alive this long, I should be able to do something as measly as keep my New Years resolutions for more than one day, right? RIGHT? Nope. Resolution number one was to keep... Read more »

Mushrooms, allergies, snot bag bratty kids and flying.

Flying. I hate it. Not the actual flying part, but the process. The people I suddenly find myself in close proximity can be the absolute pits. The food is dire, and I fucking hate reclining chairs. So. Guess where I am right now. Well, by the time I hit publish I will be on the... Read more »

Missing: friends, family and Christmas spirit

Once upon a time, in years gone by, this evening would be one of excitement and anticipation. Since I could remember, November 30th was decoration day. My mum would haul out her decorations and after much work, pinned fingers and a fair amount of swearing, the house would be magically (having instantly forgotten all the... Read more »