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Science is NOT the Opposite of Religion or My Love/Hate affair with Neil Degrasse Tyson

I'll admit it, I have a problem with the title I chose. In my last post I took the hyperbole farther than most readers could tolerate. My goal with this blog has never been to be divisive. So this time I wanted to dial down the controversy a bit and yet still spark a kind... Read more »

Scripture or story; which is more important for the future?

Counting the cost in freedom of will; the 3 sacred paths to marketing success.

Ordinarily, I try to use this blog to encourage dialogue about issues of faith in society today. One of the issues I think plays into how we perceive matters of faith has to do with the way marketing and commercialism has inundated our culture at large and therefore had an impact on the way we... Read more »

Evangelism is Violence: Why we need to change the way we talk to each other about beliefs.

Religions should not treat evangelism as persuasion because persuasion is violence. When you use rhetorical techniques to forcibly change a person’s point of view, you are forcing your will to usurp their own and this process often involves trickery. Think of how accustomed we’ve become to that trickery as acceptable. Watch a commercial or political... Read more »

Santorum is Killing Religion in America

image via I simply cannot remain silent anymore. As someone who still considers himself to be a (strange variety of a) Christian, I cannot sit by idly on the fence and let these squeaky wheels steer the public’s perception of individuals of faith so squarely up their own asses. Never before in my life... Read more »

Why the Late, Great John Hughes is Likely the Author of the Tenets of a Secular Christmas

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – hands down best Thanksgiving film ever. In my last few posts I’ve focused in the ways in which it could be argued that Christians ought to let Christmas go and be a fully secular holiday, picking a new day to celebrate the “Holy Day” of Christ’s birth. After all the... Read more »

Do You Believe in God Less Since Facebook Came Along?

Poll: Do you believe in God more, less, or no change since the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media?

Deep Calls to Deep. Authenticity, God, and the end of Summer.

Approaching the end of the summer, I’m looking back at what kinds of things I can say with some certainty I have accomplished. I tend to do this at the end of a season. I’m not sure if it is something everyone does or just me, nor am I sure exactly how I came to... Read more »

Don't Just Pray or Just Don't Pray?

Since starting this blog, I’ve pondered covering a number of topics that I feel have placed a strangle-hold on the healthy development of many modern religions ideologically. I agonize over each of these topics for fear of unintentionally misguiding someone into thinking I don’t feel that faith has a place in modern life. Quite the... Read more »