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Chick-fil-A: Christian values or no, Dan Cathy needs to go as CEO.

There has been a lot of hullabaloo in the press and on social media recently about Chick-fil-A. It seems CEO Dan Cathy is personally against the rights of homosexual Americans to be able to marry. Since this issue is so polarizing in America right now, certainly folks lined up on both sides of the issue... Read more »

Religions: Gay Marriage is your "Judgement of Solomon" Moment.

Religions: Gay Marriage is your "Judgement of Solomon" Moment.

Two reasons every Chicagoan needs to see the new film #BlueLikeJazz in theaters this Friday.

There are at least two good reasons every person in Chicago needs to go and see the film Blue Like Jazz this weekend. Really there are more, but I wanted to keep this post from going on forever. Also, one of my colleagues at has done a great job of talking about the film... Read more »

Evangelism is Violence: Why we need to change the way we talk to each other about beliefs.

Religions should not treat evangelism as persuasion because persuasion is violence. When you use rhetorical techniques to forcibly change a person’s point of view, you are forcing your will to usurp their own and this process often involves trickery. Think of how accustomed we’ve become to that trickery as acceptable. Watch a commercial or political... Read more »

What, if anything, should religion be focused on passing along to future generations?

This evening I had the chance to join DePaul University’s Center for Religious Engagement ( at a wonderful event aimed toward determining exactly what religion attempts to pass on to future generations with representatives from Catholicism, Buddhism, and Islam moderated by a DePaul professor. It was great food for thought so I decided to use... Read more »

Tim Tebow and the Terrifying Tightrope of Public Piety

Tim Tebow and the Terrifying Tightrope of Public Piety
I couldn’t run this blog and have issues with public displays of faith. If I did, I would fall too easily into that Dead Zone of hypocrisy that has so soured religion for me in the first place. So let me be very clear – there is a distinct difference between public piety and public... Read more »

Your Bootleg Copy of the First 6 Minutes of The Dark Knight Rises is Holy; Copying Digital Data Now a Religious Act in Sweden

img by slashgear Copying Digital Data is a Holy Act – so says the Swedish Government according to a press release issued by an organization calling itself “The Church of Kopimism.” Though this organization has no current “chapters” in the United States, how long will it be before similar folks are putting our own copyright... Read more »

So you don't believe in God - who cares?

So I believe in God. Yes. And yes, I even made that G a capital G. But before you go writing me off for having antiquated beliefs – or before you go trying to get all chummy because you think I share your beliefs, let’s take a second and slow down a bit. Anecdotal digression:... Read more »

Deep Calls to Deep. Authenticity, God, and the end of Summer.

Approaching the end of the summer, I’m looking back at what kinds of things I can say with some certainty I have accomplished. I tend to do this at the end of a season. I’m not sure if it is something everyone does or just me, nor am I sure exactly how I came to... Read more »

Don't Just Pray or Just Don't Pray?

Since starting this blog, I’ve pondered covering a number of topics that I feel have placed a strangle-hold on the healthy development of many modern religions ideologically. I agonize over each of these topics for fear of unintentionally misguiding someone into thinking I don’t feel that faith has a place in modern life. Quite the... Read more »