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One man's blog about walking away from religion without disbelief.

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I grew up with religion playing a big part in my life. Now? Not so much. Do I still have what you might call faith? Sure. What does it look like? Well, it's messy, not organized, probably not approved by any major functioning religious movement, a bit of this, a bit of that, different from day to day, sometimes logical, sometimes passionate, sometimes neither. In short, it's hard to describe in a paragraph how an ex-churchgoer reconciles his faith against his dissatisfaction with religion. So why not have a blog? Hence, the blog. Are you experiencing similar things in your life? Join me in the conversation!

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Douglas Lee Miller
Social Curator, Content Generator, Media Evangelist, Perspective Shifter-ator: Giving Attention to: Social Media Strategy, Digital Video Technology, Attention Management Mechanisms, and Sustainable Attention Gathering Practices - and now talking about beliefs via @exiledbeliever for ChicagoNow.