If Jesus was on Earth today, he'd start a #SocialNetwork, not a #church. 8 reasons

If Jesus was on Earth today, he'd start a #SocialNetwork, not a #church. 8 reasons
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Ok, I admit it. This blog post is supposed to be a bit incendiary.  Normally, I'm not a fan of that kind of thing - I'm not pro-troll or flaming in any regard. I'm not trying to start a fight by saying that Jesus, if he were alive today, would have started a social network like Facebook, but I do want to open the door to a discussion about AUTHENTICITY (as popularized by folks who work in social media and somewhat by social media participants) and organized religion.
Sidenote: Initially I wanted to call this post "Jesus would have started Facebook too" but didn't want people to think I was saying that Mark Zuckerberg is like Jesus. I mean, I don't know him;  he may be - I've never met the man and its not like they made a movie about his life or anything. Plus, I personally think Jesus would have liked Twitter more than Facebook.  
In fact, I think Jesus would have been a HUGE fan of a few things we've got going these days. Largely, average church goers and organized religion in general would probably not agree with me (hence this blog in general, see first post for more.) 
I think he believed each of us has been given by God the potential to govern ourselves without anybody else telling us what to do or how to do it - we just don't always do it. I think he was interested in AUTHENTICITY. I think he was more interested in making real connections with real people than in forming any sort of institution. I think a lot of things that probably can't ever be proven for sure so I'll stop soapboxing.  Here are some other things I think would have gone over well with Jesus if he had been born in this era:
The list:
1. "Social" Networks - This one is obvious. I'm mean SRSLY - two by two? 
2. Authenticity - I think Jesus hated self-serving douche bags and loved to call them out.
3. Open Source - Yeah, he was all about sharing what works. Fish and loaves for LINUX, anyone?
4. Twitter over Facebook - Inclusion over exclusivity.  In Twitter, everybody sees everything if they want to - only they can limit what they see a bit to only see stuff from people they don't get too irritated by. In Facebook you're either in (friend/fan) or your an "OTHER" (not friend.)
5. Social Good (#socialgood) - I think Jesus would have loved hashtags (#blessedarethe...) especially this one.
6. Social Health (#sochealth) - The great physician would certainly have wanted to use the force of social media to fix healthcare.
7. Loose Networks - This one is a bit tricky (like the others are no stretch) but stay with me - people you don't trust are mostly just people you need to know better - this takes time and starts as a loose network, but gets tighter as interaction increases (mediated or otherwise.)
8. GeoLocation - I don't really know that Jesus would have been into FourSquare, per se, but he was all about making an entrance. (I just ousted @arrabas as the mayor of Pontius Pilate's Prison on @123thisux)

So tell me what you agree with or don't. Would Jesus have started Facebook instead of a church if he was to have lived and worked in this era and not his own?

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