5. Family. |
Nothing says Thanksgiving like being around family. From the drunk uncle who carries a flask to every holiday gathering, the aunt who brags incessantly about every milestone of her children, the wannabe adult teen who dresses like a slut and tries to hang out with the adults, the obese family friend who comes to every family function, doesn’t bring a dish but eats everything in sight, the newlywed cousin who tries her hand at a dish that everyone has to guess what it is, the hippie who seems ethically opposed to all food, grandpa who brags about being the best turkey carver since Thanksgiving was invented, to the stranger that no one seems to know who brought him or her, everyone’s home has a cast of characters. Some family you get excited for the one time of year you get a chance to see them. Others you hide in the next room.
President Obama pardons a turkey. (Unaccredited Photo)  It is Thanksgiving! The holidays are here! There are plenty things to enjoy, but here are the top 5 things we love about the holiday: