Why I LOVE Donna and You Should Too

Why I LOVE Donna and You Should Too
Precious Donna

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Charity, cancer, and kids should not go together. But when they do, be motivated to act for an inspirational story.

An anonymous donor has offered a matching challenge: He/She will match every dollar donated up to $2K from February 14-February 18.

Donna did not die in vein. She died that others might live. He purpose is fulfilled in the lives of people like you who will care and share her story.

Donna is a four year old courageous girl who died of cancer. Her "Mary Tyler Mom" is one of the most awesome people I've ever met. This fantastic girl came from good stock. If you don't know Donna's story, it is here: http://www.chicagonow.com/mary-tyler-mom/donnas-cancer-story-2/

Why did I start this story at the end?

The end of Donna's short precious life is when her legacy truly began.

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