Green Bay Packers Stock: A New Reason for Bears Fans to Hate the Packers

Green Bay Packers Stock: A New Reason for Bears Fans to Hate the Packers
Congratulations you own a vote!

Bears fans hate the Packers. It’s an undeniable fact. We hate the cheeseheads. We hate the Lambeau Leap. We hate the ugly green and yellow uniform color combination. We hate Packers fans travel better than Bears fans although Chicago has 37.5 times the population as Green Bay. We hate the Super Bowl trophy is named after a Green Bay coach (Vince Lombardi) while our Bears legendary coach’s name is on the lesser NFC championship trophy (George Halas).  We hate they have more championships than we do (13 to 9). We hated Don Majkowski stepping over the line and throwing a touchdown to beat us for the first time in 5 years in 1989. We hated Brett Favre annually carving us like a Christmas ham. We now loathe the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers and the sobering fact he will similarly be slicing and dicing us like a Ginsu knife for years to come.  We even hate visiting our relatives in Wisconsin because every single store has Packers everything in it. You would have thought Bears fans needed no new reason to despise the Green Bay Packers. Your thoughts would be wrong.

Even this guy can't count all the reasons Bears fans hate the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers claim to be the only non for profit, community owned, professional sports team in the United States. The Packers however issue “stock”, if any of that makes sense. This “stock”, which has been issued in 1923, 1950, 1956, 1997, and now from December 6, 2011 through February 29, 2012 for $250 cannot increase in value, draw a dividend, or be resold (if a sale is attempted the Packers can force sale back to organization for 2 ½ cents a basically no you can’t sell it).  The “stock” is actually not considered an investment at all, and none of the shares are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The “stock” can only be willed or gifted upon purchase to another family member and carries no season ticket privileges, special parking privileges or discounts on Packers merchandise.  Oh yeah, shipping and handling for one or more shares costs 25 bucks. Although the Packers are considered a nonprofit, the “stock” purchase is not tax deductible.

Look! A Green Bay Packers annual shareholders meeting!

What is the benefit of owning Green Bay Packers stock? Each stock carries a vote at the annual shareholders meeting. No person can own more than 200 shares in the 4,750,934 current shares outstanding representing 112,015 people. Up to 880,000 shares will be issued in the Packers new offering. Good luck having a voice. Where does the annual shareholders’ meeting take place, Lambeau Field?

Is owning “stock” in the Green Bay Packers a good or bad thing? Frankly Bears fans could care less. It can be considered good because the fans owning the team could basically keep the team from moving to another city. Actually that’s bad because Bears fans would prefer the Packers move to the Canadian Football League tomorrow (they are already almost there anyway).  It can be considered bad because a Packers fan could blow $50,025 on “stock” and still be stuck tailgating in the parking lot on game day wearing a full priced Donald Driver jersey. Get upset in said parking lot and try to hock all of Packers stock and be subject to selling all of your stock for $5. Yes, five dollars, an investment loss of $50,020. Actually that’s good for Bears fans because we could call said Packers fan a giant sucker.

Bears fans may indeed have a new reason to hate the Packers, or can at the very least take comfort in the real reason why some Packers fans are called cheeseheads.

Exavier B. Pope, Esq. is an entertainment and sports attorney and legal blogger for Chicago Now. All opinions expressed are those solely of Mr. Pope.

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  • On the other hand, Bears fans can be angry that all of the Bears stock belongs to, as Russ Grimm put it, the McClaskey family per capita (except for the 2 per capita shares on Mug's side of the family, which have about as much influence as any GB shareholder). Then they can't build a stadium and there are arguments with the Park District over the turf provided by the taxpayers.

    Given that any NFL team itself makes money, where does it go? I guess GB is about as nonprofit as any hospital. So, if the cheeseheads are being conned (see today's Mr. Boffo), I'm not going to be angry about that.

  • Honestly, i love this rivalry. As a born and raised packers fan, (Most of my mother's family is outta Wausau) I can truthfully tell you that i believe it is the best game of the year in the entire league. But, your main argument for why noone should buy a stock that has little monetary, legal, or extrinsic worth is exactly why you could never be a Packers fan. We love our team. When they are good, when they are bad I still cheer. I have been doing it for 21 years now. and believe me we got the good with the bad. I think on Rodgers' first season as a starter we went like 4-12 or something like that haha. But thats the god's honest truth.

  • In reply to CincyPack:


    Thanks for the response. Who doesn't love it when the oldest rivalry is renewed between these storied franchises? The stock's value is not why I could never be a Packers fan! The very fact they are the Packers themselves and the Bears rule (technically the Packers rule as champs) is why I could never be a fan. Bears fans, as well as all storied franchise fans (Bears, Packers, Giants, Redskins, Steelers, Browns, Lions) root for the team whether they are good or bad.

    Just a friendly dig on the Packers. Anyway to start the trash talk between fan bases!

  • Haha, fair enough. I'm actually driving from Cincinnati to go to the xmas day game this year versus da bears. Should be a great game.

  • In reply to CincyPack:

    That's one thing I won't bet.

    The only chance the Bears have is if GB has so sewn up home field advantage in the playoffs that they play it like an exhibition game and have the third stringers out after the 1st quarter.

    Otherwise, considering such things as what GB did to Oakland, the Bears are going to be creamed.

    What will be more interesting is if there would be another Ice Bowl in the playoffs, but Global Warming seems to have minimized the chance of that. :-)

  • btw, keep these bears stories up and ill stay subscribed to cheer on the packers for all your chicago fans haha.

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