Will the T.O. Show Invade Chicago?

Will the T.O. Show Invade Chicago?
T.O. and agent Drew Rosenhaus during recent public workout.

Reports have surfaced Terrell Owens has been offered a contract to play for Chicago. The T.O. Show and its circus coming to Chicago is certainly exciting news during a bye week for the Bears. But hold on to your popcorn Bears fans - T.O. was offered a contract by Arena League’s Chicago Rush, not the Bears.

Twitter instantly became abuzz with “Chicago Rush” and “Arena League” as trending topics on the incredibly popular social site. Hardcore and casual fans of football instantly weighed on T.O., many of which ranged from bemoaning why the second leading receiver of all time in the NFL is not getting another shot at playing to celebrating the declining football career of a pigskin divo.

Comments on the issue are shortsighted at best. Why? Because an offer for a contract does not equal a contract anywhere, let alone the sports world. Speculating about a contract offer, especially from an inferior league, is like speculating whether you are going to get a kiss at the end of a night on a blind date.

A contract requires three major elements:

1.         Offer.
An offer is a present expression of willingness to contract on definite and certain terms, made with the intention that it shall become binding as soon as it is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed", the "offeree". An offer is a statement of the terms on which the offeror is willing to be bound (i.e. held to the terms of the contract).

2.         Acceptance.
Acceptance is a definite expression of willingness to be bound by the contract negotiated with the offeror (“meeting of the minds”) which can be expressed in a number of ways to be valid.

3.         Consideration.
Consideration is anything of value promised between offeror and offeree when making a contract. “Value” can mean money, objects, services, promised actions, abstinence from a future action (like cigarettes), and many more.

The contract Terrell Owens is being offered contains the first and last elements of a contract (Invitation to play for the Rush = Offer, play for “X” dollars = Consideration). In order for Terrell Owens to play for the Rush, he must “accept” the Rush’s offer or negotiate with the Rush in a series of “Counteroffers” going back and forth between both parties. That being said, what actually becomes Acceptance depends on which party has received the latest offer.

The Arena League, albeit entertaining, is an inferior product. Although Terrell Owens loves attention and makes plenty of money acquiring it, it is unlikely he would risk the negative draw backs of taking a lesser gig.

For now Chicago, it is safe to say you can keep the popcorn machine unplugged, unless the Monsters of the Midway dial 81’s number.

Exavier B. Pope, Esq. is an entertainment and sports attorney and legal blogger for Chicago Now. All opinions expressed are those solely of Mr. Pope.

(c) 2011, Exavier Pope

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  • Since the radio reported that TO said he would only play in the NFL, that negates #2.

    Now, I guess you'll have to go to Williston to determine if the Rush's offer stays alive should TO change his mind tomorrow.

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