Nets Deron Williams to Play for Turkish Team?

Nets Deron Williams to Play for Turkish Team?

It appears Deron Williams either has agreed in principle to a deal or is in talks with Besiktas, a club based in Turkey best known for employing Allen Iverson last season, according to a Turkish TV network. The club's coach acknowledged the talks, although no major American publication has acknowledged any agreement or talks.

The coach, Ergin Ataman, said that the club and Williams were "close to an agreement." The coach also said that Williams would be the biggest star in Europe.

If a the NBA lockout is lifted before the NBA season Williams would remain in New Jersey due to him being under his last year of his player contract. FIBA would also have to approve the deal with Besiktas should the lockout still be in place. The Nets would be virtually powerless if the lockout continued, due to his contract's validity being frozen in time by the NBA's CBA. However, with David Stern wielding large power in FIBA, approval of a deal could prove to be very difficult.

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  • Note to readers: This could be a fake, like Artest signing a few weeks ago.

  • In reply to Exavier Pope:

    Not a fake. Agent has confirmed!

  • In reply to Exavier Pope:

    Sooo ultimately Turkey could potentially lose out on a nice amount of money and the rest of their season's chance to be successful. Seems like a good deal to me.

    I would assume the NBA doesn't negotiate trade deals with it's personnel and international teams. Do they? I figured if they did than Ricky Rubio would have been in Minnesota last season.

  • I don't have all of the particulars of the contract, so I am not sure if deal is a shell game for Williams side, where they can walk away with money and not pay. I would assume some of it would be guaranteed though. NBA doesn't not negotiate trades, but they do honor contracts of other leagues.

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