Osama bin Laden's Death Effect: NBA to Use Metal Detectors

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Fan being screened by hand held metal detector.

CHICAGO - People will hate Osama bin Laden in death just as much as in his highly secluded, terrorist plotting, using a teenage wife as a human shield life. If you plan to attend an NBA game, prepare to enter a metal detector.

The United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls, will screen all patrons entering the facility before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.


Bull's Derrick Rose and former Bull Kirk Heinrich

The National Basketball Association issued the mandate for the conference semifinals and all subsequent playoff games. The Bulls will use metal detectors for the first time; the detectors are hand-held.

The Chicago White Sox will also have enhanced security. White Sox security staff will be on alert when the team's series wraps up its series with the Baltimore Orioles.


US Cellular Field

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