Mother's Day Bittersweet for Children of Deceased Mothers

Mother's Day Bittersweet for Children of Deceased Mothers


Breakfast in bed.
Sunday morning brunch. Lunch and Spring shopping. Dinner in the city. All
around America, people are celebrating mothers with their mothers. The woman who
picked us up when we fell. The woman who changed our diapers and cared for us
when we were ill. The woman who fixed our hair at graduation while we
begrudgingly announced we were adults. 


However, for many of
us, today is a bittersweet holiday. We are not able to accompany our mother to
a celebratory outing. Many of us look at this day thinking of all of the happy
memories and feeling the love our mothers had for us. With those same warm
memories comes the sadness of remembering a mother passing away. A smile and a
tear may occupy the same face at the same time.


I was raised by my
foster mother, an elderly woman named Emma Lily Mitchell. Mama was a beautiful
woman that raised me from 6 weeks old until she passed away when I was 14. She
instilled me with love of God, to view everyone as equal, have a strong moral
compass, and be someone special that leaves a mark on Earth. 

Having a mother
pass away as a child is a particularly traumatic experience. At my college
graduation I taped her picture on top of my graduation cap. After my law school
graduation I planted my tassel at her gravesite. Who I am and everything I have
been able to accomplish has been because of her love. For that I am eternally


To all the mothers out
there, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day. To all of those who have lost a mother,
may your heart be filled with joy and thanksgiving for what your mother
continues to mean to you today.

Exavier B. Pope, Esq. is an entertainment and sports attorney and legal blogger for Chicago Now. All opinions expressed are those solely of Mr. Pope. 

(c) 2011, Exavier Pope

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