Court Sides With NFL: Lockout Continues

Court Sides With NFL: Lockout Continues
MINNEAPOLIS --  In a what appears a crushing blow to players, the NFL's lockout remains in place. The United States 8th Circuit Court of Appeals court ruling Monday means the league likely won't get back to business until at least next month -- and maybe much longer than that.
The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the lockout can stay until a full appeal is heard on whether it is legal. That hearing is scheduled for June 3 in St. Louis, before the same panel that issued this 2-1 decision. 
So what does it all mean?

Beach Polo anyone? Cricket?

First, Chad Ochocinco, you can take up Beach Polo, which is coming to Chicago soon. For players like Ochocinco, the lockout serves a s perfect opportunity to engage in activities otherwise prohibited by terms of their Standard Player Contract.
Secondly, it means the required mediations ordered between the NFL owners and players look increasingly advantageous for the owners. The NFL knew the conservative, "athletes better do what the owners say", 8th Circuit Court of Appeals would have their back. By the way, doesn't this disturb you? What's the purpose of litigation if the political beliefs of the judges sway their "impartial" opinion? 

NFL Placekicker.

There are plenty of players who are living paycheck to paycheck in the NFL. NFL players are not found of summer OTLs and other minicamps that break up their vacations in Greece. However, once the season on rolls around, players miss paychecks. The longer the appeals process drags on, the more less financially stable players will put pressure to accept the terms of a less than favorable CBA for them.
Lastly, the courts ruling hints it probably will side with ownership in June, which will put the NFL in the drivers seat to drive public opinion against players to accept a less favorable agreement. 
Stay tuned.
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