Former Destiny's Child Member: I Was Racially Profiled!

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Farrah Franklin

I don't know how much of a "Survivor" Farrah Franklin, a
former member of Destiny's Child, is, but she certainly "not gone give up" the
claim that she was racially profiled. 
Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct in Culver City, CA this


Remember this pic with Destiny's Child? Me neither.

"Unfortunately, I am the latest victim on what seems to be a growing list of those who are racially profiled and mistreated by Culver City Police. I was manhandled by the arresting officers", states Franklin.

Culver City Police Department reports that Franklin was disturbing the peace by "Doing the dance popularly known as the 'Dougie'" too hard, bumping over garbage cans, terrifying cats to point of screetching, and the like.   


Here we go again. I do not endorse the Dougie dance...Gee whiz....

Franklin says, "I am really upset about all that has taken place. I have never had a run in with the law before Saturday. On Saturday I was not arrested, I was detained."

Again, cops beg to differ, saying Franklin was indeed arrested for disorderly conduct.

Farrah Franklin snapped on her Twitter page @FarrahFranklin, tweeting,  "YES, I'm okay & YES there WILL be a lawsuit ! F**K da Culver City Police !!!! You cant keep a good girl down."

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Hey I used to say "disregard law enforcement" before I made family friendly entertainment!

Franklin adds, "There were no female officers on duty and I was required to take off my top and treated unfairly." Law enforcement sources rebut such claim. One of the arresting officers was female.

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