Chris Bosh's Secret Wedding

Chris Bosh's Secret Wedding
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I love me some her!

Well, well, well! Turns out Miami Heat's new # 3 whose number is #1 got married in a quiet ceremony on April 9th in Miami Beach. I'm not late. Everyone else just found out too.

He married Adrienne Williams, a petite beauty who is friends with Scottie Pippen's wife and Real Housewives of Miami babe Larsa Pippen. She is also friends with Kelly Rowland (on a side note: Kelly Rowland is tearing it up overseas. She is beloved on the other side of the pond).

Thinking of celebrity marriages, the first thing I think of is...yes divorce. Divorce as you might know is the dissolution of marriage. Divorces are typically governed by the state where the married couple domiciles, or lives. Florida's Marriage Dissolution Act starts out with the premise that distribution of all property is equal.

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Being that Bosh's wife is friends with some women that know exactly what they are doing, you better love that women CB1. She is no Umfufu.

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