What Do I Believe?

What Do I Believe?

So, yeah, after the election, you know THE election, Jimmy Greenfield came up with this great idea to set aside some space for us bloggers who wanted to write on more political matters, but felt it didn't quite mesh with our other blogs. Perfect! I thought and I asked Jimmy to put me in the hopper. And then, nothing.

The presidency of Donald Trump has turned so much on its head.  He has done so many, said so many stupid, awful, and downright wrong things. It's impossible to keep up, like trying to keep up with a fast runner. Checking Twitter is a form of self-abuse. What's next? What's happened now? Like that spent runner, I just want to double over and catch my breath, but I can't. With every outrageous tweet or statement, the outrage within roils.

If that isn't enough, there is the sobering realization that we aren't even a year into the Trump presidency. People clutch at the thought of his resignation or the invoking of the 25th amendment or impeachment before the term is up, but those ideas strike me more as whistling past the graveyard and nothing more. As in so many life situations, I lean toward hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. It may not be the most optimistic approach to things, but it beats hanging onto the hope that President Trump will be canceled early like some sit-com.

So I'm exhausted and it's just been about 10 months. I can't disengage though, it's just not in my nature. It feels like I'm shaking my fist, reacting, just reacting and not being proactive at all. Some of those reactions feel pretty necessary, like calls to Congress to voice concerns, donating money to a relief effort, or just venting, so much venting.

In the midst of all of this I can't escape the feeling that I should be doing something more constructive, but what? The list of things to get more involved with is endless. The list of topics to write on is overwhelming. The mountain is so high, the valley so wide that I don't, I can't even begin.

Until now. This is that first step, always the hardest, especially when there is no clear path, no light to guide the way. For the past 9 months, I've been shouting, if only in my head sometimes, against things, to borrow the phrase, resisting, pushing back. Just like in exercise, constantly engaging one set of muscles, one type of workout, eventually has diminishing returns. I need to turn things around. I think I have a way to do that. Instead of just saying, "I don't agree with that policy/agenda/executive order" I'm going to re-examine what I believe. Not just a matter of disagreement, but why do I hold the position I do. Further, there is so much, SO MUCH to improve, to advocate for, to work for, that I'm going to start working for the change I want to see.

Where do I start?  That question still makes me want to curl up into a ball, if I'm being completely honest. I'm a big fan of Booker T. Washington, at least from a historical perspective and he gives me a good bit of advice most days. In this case, "cast down my bucket where I am." In other words, look local. Watch this space.

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