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Evan Sayet comes to Chicago

It’s a rare moment when one can attend a comedy show where the performer not only is funny, but makes you think. Rarer still, is the moment when that comedy show is headlined by a conservative comedian. And no, not just a comedian who “plays a conservative on TV” a la Steven Colbert,  but an... Read more »

Silence of the Church

“For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.” ~ Mark 3:35 Over the last month and a half, news reports have begun to trickle into the American media about the persecution and slaughter of Christians and the Yazidis in Iraq at the hands of ISIS terrorists. Sadly, while... Read more »

Multiple Myeloma 101: interviews with Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Szatkowski

  I’ve been in the world of broadcasting for almost five years now. During that time, I’ve been a sideline reporter for a semi-pro hockey team, a guest on a few reality T.V. shows, a production assistant and an associate producer for a reality show pilot that, unfortunately, didn’t go anywhere. But I’ve never dealt... Read more »

Not home for the holidays: the multiple myeloma effect

My mom isn’t coming home for the holidays. I never would have guessed that something like multiple myeloma would so drastically change my life in less than a year. This Thanksgiving, my brother and I really didn’t know what to do. While most families spend weeks or months planning for the holiday, my brother and I... Read more »

Overcoming grief part deux : a lesson in wearing masks

Everyone processes grief differently. Lately, I’ve been wearing the mask of “happiness”. I’ve done my best to be genuinely happy…really. But there are times when I’m forced to fake it. I wear a mask. It’s not that I’m really trying to go out of my way to hide something. It’s simply that you get to... Read more »

3 Steps to overcoming grief

Sorry to disappoint you, but after losing my mother, I’ve learned that the fact is, there aren’t 3 steps, 5 steps or even 12 steps. Everyone handles loss differently. As for me? I’m not sure how I’m really handling it. In September of 2012, my mother, Pamela, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. By July 26th,... Read more »

Surviving the Holidays

I am one of those who can truly say that they survived the holidays. No, I’m not talking about surviving the rabid throngs of last-minute shoppers at the mall. Nor am I talking about still being able to walk after gorging on too much pumpkin pie. Nope. I literally am alive today and I’m thankful... Read more »

GLHL: Highlights and Interviews

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The hockey season may have been put on hold with the NHL and NHLPA labor talks needing federal assistance. Yet, not all hockey has disappeared. For almost two years I have been covering the GLHL (Great Lakes Hockey League) which has been around since 1937. Currently, I act as the beat reporter for the Vernon... Read more »

One step forward, two steps back...

So what do you do when one of your parents are sitting on the living room floor crying in pain? Well, if you do like I did, you stand there, call 911 and cry right along with them. So this past week or so has been a non-stop emotional roller-coaster ride. At times I’ve felt as thought... Read more »

I guess no one is ever really "ready"...

…and who can be? When you get the news that someone you love dearly is very sick and may have a tough fight ahead of them, who is ever really ready for THAT kind of news? I had to come to grips with such news last night. Over the past month or so, my mother... Read more »