Surviving the Holidays

I am one of those who can truly say that they survived the holidays. No, I'm not talking about surviving the rabid throngs of last-minute shoppers at the mall. Nor am I talking about still being able to walk after gorging on too much pumpkin pie. Nope. I literally am alive today and I'm thankful for it. This Saturday, I went to visit my bother and my mom. My brother and I soon ventured off to the local. Schererville movie theater to watch "The Hobbit". After the movie, we went back to my brothers. I briefly stayed and made basic conversation with my family before heading back home. The drive on the Bishop Ford soon turned into the Dan Ryan and into 94. I was close to the 290 exit when I soon found myself stuck behind a car that was stuck behind a salt truck that wasn't moving. The traffic to my left kept whizzing by, and I knew it would be rather impossible to pass safely. I was in the far-right lane and looked at the shoulder of the road. Sure, it was illegal to pass on the shoulder, but dangit! I wanted to get home! A little voice popped in my head that told me to go ahead and do it. No one would mind just this once. Just as soon as that thought appeared, another one replaced it, "Don't do that." I decided to listen to the latter voice and in that split-second, a black SUV came barreling down 94 and swerved onto the shoulder in an attempt to bypass my car, the car in front of me and the stationary salt-truck. The vehicle grazed my rear quarter-panel and took out my side-mirror. I was stunned. The driver of the SUV didn't even slow down. Being the good church-girl that I attempt to be, I prayed to God. I actually got angry with the Big Guy upstairs because I simply can't afford to fix ANOTHER item on my car. When I was finally able to safely pass the salt truck and merge onto 290, I suddenly realized that I should be thankful. If I had listened to that first voice, the one that suggested that I pass on the shoulder of the road, I may not be here right now writing this. I believe that the black SUV was traveling at such a velocity, that there would have been no time for me to get onto the shoulder of the road. If I tried, the driver would have undoubtably hit the front quarter panel of my car, and forced my jeep to collide with the vehicle in front of me. I would have been crushed on my driver's side. God only knows what would have happened to the driver of that black SUV and the driver of the car that was in front of me would have at least had a ruined Christmas. When I got home, I was still in shock, but I prayed and thanked God for still being alive. Sure, the driver of the SUV took out my mirror, but at least he or she didn't take my life.

The moral of this story is: Be SAFE this holiday everyone. I hate to sound like an after school special, but there really is no party that is worth your life. You will get to whatever destination you're headed to by following the rules of the road and driving safely. Sure, you might not get there as fast, but you'll get there. That's the point.

Happy holidays everyone. Be safe out there.


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