People can be amazing!

Yeah, I know that in today's society most of us feel like the average human being lacks any sort of empathy toward their fellow man.

Yet, when something like cancer enters into your life, you can see first hand how caring people can be.

Like I said yesterday in my last post, I went to visit my mother who was in the hospital, being subjected to a multitude of tests to find out what's making her sick.

It's never easy to hear the news that a loved one has fallen ill. It's always so sudden. I remember last week my mother seemed fine, save for a slight pain in her left shoulder. This week...she's laid up in the hospital.

When I arrived at her room yesterday, the sight of my mother in a hospital bed just broke my heart. But, I was determined to remain strong for her. Yet, the first thing she said to me was:

"It looks like my warranty is up. I'm falling apart."

Maybe I should have been more sympathetic, but I became angry at what she said. I told her to never say that to me again because she was going to be just fine. I reminded her that "attitude is everything." 

I've heard from many people whose loved ones suffered with some sort of cancer or another, that if the person becomes depressed about it, they get sicker, but if they remain determined to beat the disease and stay positive, then their health gradually improves.

I was able to speak with her doctor and he told me that my mother represents a "classic case" of myeloma. Which is a type of blood and bone cancer. The POSITIVE news that I was given was that the disease is "very treatable" and depending on how advanced it was, she could live for another 5 - 15 years.

I'll be happy to have another 5 years with my mom...thank you. 

So I spent the day keeping my mother company and reminding her whenever I'd sense that she was getting down about her situation, to remain positive. My brother eventually stopped by and we prayed for her. By the end of the night, my mom was in good spirits...ya know, other than not being able to keep down any food other than jello.

Both my brother and I left around 7:30pm.

Ya know, even though you have to leave because visiting hours ended, you still feel guilty for leaving. I feel like I could have spent forever with my mom and it wouldn't be enough.

Yet, I was determined to get a little sanity back into my life. Being cooped up in a hospital for too long will eventually cause you to yearn for something...anything that brings some sort of normalcy.

I headed up north to Vernon Hills where the Vernon Hills Capitals were practicing. I figured it would be good to get around a group of rowdy hockey players to get my mind off things.

When I arrived, the boys were finishing up their team meeting and headed to the locker room to change.

I stopped and spoke with their head coach Warren Sundt, and he empathized with me. He told me that his own mother was currently undergoing cancer treatment and he gave me positive words of encouragement. Alternate Captain, Pat McAdams, also gave me a few words of encouragement.

It really did feel good to take in their practice for an hour or so. By the time I got home, I was so tired, that I merely said another prayer for my mom and went to bed.

This morning though, returning to work, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my coworkers. Some gave words of encouragement, others suggested a fundraiser to help pay for my mom's medical bills.

I think we settled on putting on a fundraiser ( I even started browsing fundraising items . ) A lot of my wonderful coworkers feel that it would help her more than just a bouquet of flowers.

It's all been very touching and more than a few times I had to stop myself from crying.

I've spoke with my mother a few times today and she's in brighter spirits. Though, she did complain a little about the "nasty" liquid the nurses had her drinking so that they can give her an MRI. I guess afterward, they'll give her a bone marrow biopsy.

Until then, I'll continue to hope and pray for good news.

The continued support from the people I know...and even some that I don't know well, has been truly amazing! For all the bad in the world, it's always a blessing to see so many people show kindness to one another in a time of need.

Now, if only we as people could show just a little bit of that kindness a little bit every day...who knows what we all could accomplish.

Thank you everyone!


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    Misty we will be praying for your mom to receive the best doctors and care, and that she will get the right treatment for whatever the medical problem. We pray that you'll receive some positive and encouraging reports from her doctors.Always remember that prayer changes things !

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